I'm not much of a Texas Holdem poker player, which I blame on my obsession with the slang terms for different hands. I'd rather draw a well-named hand than a winning one.

Yesterday I was trying to explain to my wife why a six and nine of the same suit, "6-9 suited," is called a prom night. She wasn't getting it at all, even when I offered to draw a picture.

6-9 Suited, a.k.a. Prom NightWhile playing last week with a poker fanatic brother-in-law, we began discussing athletes on my junior high basketball team who quit to become cheerleaders.

When I told him their reason -- they did it to spend more time around female cheerleaders -- the look on his face matched the one Ross got on Friends when he repeated his parents' claim that the family dog had been sent off to a farm.

My in-law's skepticism led to the coining of a new poker term for a hand that's not-quite-straight, with four cards in sequence.

I hope this doesn't get back to my old teammates at Pauline G. Hughes Middle School in Burleson, Texas, but we're calling it a male cheerleader.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Funny....I want to implement bonus chips for the "male cheerleader" at our next United Way Texas Hold 'Em fundraising event.


If you have to draw a picture for your wife to understand 69, your sex life is WAY too boring.


I think it provides you a bit of irony in reading some of the characterizations of Bush's cheerleading career at Yale, doesn't it? Most of which to note are inferences about his sexuality. . .?

What will they think of your revelation, I wonder?


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