Poker? I Barely Know Her

I'm not much of a Texas Holdem poker player, which I blame on my obsession with the slang terms for different hands. I'd rather draw a well-named hand than a winning one.

Yesterday I was trying to explain to my wife why a six and nine of the same suit, "6-9 suited," is called a prom night. She wasn't getting it at all, even when I offered to draw a picture.

6-9 Suited, a.k.a. Prom NightWhile playing last week with a poker fanatic brother-in-law, we began discussing athletes on my junior high basketball team who quit to become cheerleaders.

When I told him their reason -- they did it to spend more time around female cheerleaders -- the look on his face matched the one Ross got on Friends when he repeated his parents' claim that the family dog had been sent off to a farm.

My in-law's skepticism led to the coining of a new poker term for a hand that's not-quite-straight, with four cards in sequence.

I hope this doesn't get back to my old teammates at Pauline G. Hughes Middle School in Burleson, Texas, but we're calling it a male cheerleader.


Funny....I want to implement bonus chips for the "male cheerleader" at our next United Way Texas Hold 'Em fundraising event.

If you have to draw a picture for your wife to understand 69, your sex life is WAY too boring.

I think it provides you a bit of irony in reading some of the characterizations of Bush's cheerleading career at Yale, doesn't it? Most of which to note are inferences about his sexuality...?

What will they think of your revelation, I wonder?

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