RSS support was added to Weblogs.Com this morning, making it possible to send an extended ping message to the service that includes the address of a site's RSS feed.

This will make it easier for services that are built atop Weblogs.Com, such as Technorati and GigaDial, to incorporate RSS feeds.

I have extended my pinger to support this new feature.

Weblog-Pinger, an open source class library for PHP, can send update notification pings over five XML-RPC services that monitor new weblog content.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Why does "extending your pinger" sound so....naughty?


Every time I talk about my pinger, it reminds me of the pluck your twanger video by the cast of a British children's show.


Mr. Cadenhead,

If I give you some more time will you go back to being less geek?

U.S. Naval Observatory Atomic Clock


Is that a backhanded way of saying I used to be cool, Atomic Clock?


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