Buzzword.Com was offline yesterday for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery. Server uptime has been better than expected, considering the number of weblogs and my inexperience hosting a Manila server, but I am finding that UserLand's software runs itself well most of the time.

Because I host most of my own Web sites on another server (a Linux box running Apache, MySQL, and PHP), I don't always catch downtime as quickly as I should.

If you're publishing a weblog on Buzzword and can't reach it, or you experience problems posting entries and performing other tasks, don't hesitate to send an e-mail or post a message on UserLand's customer support forum. I tinker with the server like a gearhead puttering around on a car, so I'm always looking for user feedback on how well the engine is running and whether I've done anything that causes it to crash through the guard rails and go flying into a ravine.

-- Rogers Cadenhead

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