My Crash Course in Weblog Hosting

Buzzword.Com was offline yesterday for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery. Server uptime has been better than expected, considering the number of weblogs and my inexperience hosting a Manila server, but I am finding that UserLand's software runs itself well most of the time.

Because I host most of my own Web sites on another server (a Linux box running Apache, MySQL, and PHP), I don't always catch downtime as quickly as I should.

If you're publishing a weblog on Buzzword and can't reach it, or you experience problems posting entries and performing other tasks, don't hesitate to send an e-mail or post a message on UserLand's customer support forum. I tinker with the server like a gearhead puttering around on a car, so I'm always looking for user feedback on how well the engine is running and whether I've done anything that causes it to crash through the guard rails and go flying into a ravine.

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