Since adopting 3,000 webloggers from Weblogs.Com last June, I've had a huge amount of trouble tracking site activity on the new Manila server I set up to house these sites. An elusive bug prevented the recent updates page from working correctly.

During the Weblogs.Com server outage, the media went nuts over the 3,000-weblog figure, making the story front page news.

As I have since discovered, that number was inflated by a bunch of dead sites on the server. I deleted more than 1,200 weblogs this week that were never updated after a new user signed up and saw the "It Worked!" page.

Buzzword.Com now has a new recent updates page that lists all weblogs updated within the last month. I wrote a UserTalk script to create this page, which I'll be documenting soon on Workbench.

There's also a big news announcement coming up, which a few users may have already figured out, but it will have to wait. The weekend beckons.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Is the elusive bug also responsible for _______/stats/referers not working of late?


That's a different problem. I think I just fixed it for Deanland, so referrers will begin to appear again properly.


Yep, all fixed --thanks! Hey, Rogers, did you get my e-mails on some other blog-related issues?

And WHEN, OH WHEN!!!, will we be able to see the big news announcement -- the tease of it all, the anticipation, is driving me nuts!!!


Another question: how come, using the WYSIWYG editor, when I post a picture ref as I always had done, I get this error message when the page is rendered:

[Macro error: Can't include picture "TG1" because Can't include picture "TG1" because it doesn't exist in the list of shortcuts for this site.]

It is driving me nuts!

I had a response or two on the Manila newbies list, all suggesting shorter names and maybe going back to not using WYSIWYG.

If I just post it as "picture file" name (using quotes) it will show, but not with wraparound or alignment values, just as a stand-alone graphic.

Thanks in advance.


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