I'm upgrading all of my syndication feeds to RSS 2.0 so the other syndication format evangelists won't make fun of me.

On sites that I publish using PHP and MySQL, I've been offering extremely simple RSS 0.92 feeds that blow up when unusual characters like "¿" are used.

I've updated my RSS PHP code, released it into the public domain, and written an article on publishing from a MySQL database to RSS 2.0. Here's example output.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Just curious, what's the difference between this story and this one?

The latter is where the action is, at least in terms of comments.


This one's a weblog entry, the other's an article that lives outside the weblog in a text file.


I was reading your comments about an apnea monitor & no offense, but I think you need to have some compassion. My son died of SIDS 2 years ago today & our daughter Meadow was on a monitor her 1st year of life. No, she was not bothered by it because it was all she knew. It did save her life though. She was a preemie and had various apneas I had to wake her up & make her breathe. You are right the monitors cannot stop SIDS, but maybe they can help causes out. I hope that you will reply to me at arlmckoy@yahoo.com also visit my sons website @ www.sidsfamilies.com/families/dalton-hf.shtml

Sincerely Amanda Ferrell


You must have me confused with someone else -- I haven't made any comments about apnea monitors on this or any other Web site. Sorry for your loss.


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