Some people are having trouble using my tip on adding a blank line to navigator links in Radio.

To include a blank line, add an element with a space as its name:

<item name=" "/>.

I'm using this on Workbench. As long as you include a space or an &nbsp; entity in between the quote marks, it will render as a blank line when the links are displayed.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


winXP, RUL 8.0.8,
in Mozilla1-5rc1:
inserting   works;
inserting a whitespace does not seem to do it


Sorry, meant to convey:
no break space   works!,
whitespace seems not.


I'm on XP also. What does your navigator link template (on the same preference page) look like? Mine is this:



Let's try that again with [ and ] in place of < and >



[div align="center"][%item%][/div]


Yep. Definitely requires a non-breaking space on my system R808

Great tip though. Simple and very useful.




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