RMail Feeds RSS to 20,000 Email Users

The path Randy Charles Morin is taking with RMail, a service for reading RSS feeds by e-mail, is beginning to remind me of how Joshua Schacter's hobby project,, was adopted by so many people that it mushroomed into his full-time gig and was acquired by Yahoo six months later. Users are joining RMail at such a fast clip that Morin finally realized there's commercial potential in the idea. With absolutely no Web 2.0 fanfare and a web design that's optimized for Internet Explorer ... (read more)

Zing Went the Strings of My Employer

I was an employee of the Zing interactive TV company in Denver that went belly up in 1995 a day after the product launched. Since then, the company's name and domain have been used for an online ad service, photo sharing site, and -- now -- a new Web portal. Hope springs eternal. ... (read more)