Step Right Up and Win Some Crap

I'm running a presidential prediction contest on the Drudge Retort today: President Obama will win re-election even though Mercury is in retrograde, claims Psychic Nikki. See if you can do better than this observer of the spirit world and enter the Drudge Retort's presidential prediction contest. The winner will receive a $50 Amazon.Com gift certificate and a life-size cardboard Joe Biden. To enter, post a comment here predicting the percentage of the vote that President Obama, Mitt Romney and ... (read more)

Barack Obama 1, John Howard 0

I haven't started paying much attention to the presidential race, but I was impressed with how Sen. Barack Obama handled harsh criticism from Australian Prime Minister John Howard regarding his position on Iraq. Obama, who gave a speech opposing the war in 2002, has introduced a bill to prevent President Bush from increasing troop levels in Iraq and to remove U.S. combat forces by March 31, 2008. On Sunday, the conservative Bush ally played the terrorists-love-Democrats card on a news program, ... (read more)

Obama Loses TechCrunch Endorsement

A lesson to all presidential candidates courting the Web 2.0 vote: Don't get snippy with Michael Arrington. After Arrington reported that the My Barack Obama social networking site was displaying a racist user-created group in a find-a-group tool, Obama new media director Joe Rospars lamented that he was playing gotcha instead of covering "the real story." Arrington's response: This isn't Washington DC politics, and you shouldn't assume I have some racist or other bias against your campaign. ... (read more)