Obama Loses TechCrunch Endorsement

A lesson to all presidential candidates courting the Web 2.0 vote: Don't get snippy with Michael Arrington.

After Arrington reported that the My Barack Obama social networking site was displaying a racist user-created group in a find-a-group tool, Obama new media director Joe Rospars lamented that he was playing gotcha instead of covering "the real story."

Arrington's response:

This isn't Washington DC politics, and you shouldn't assume I have some racist or other bias against your campaign. We're a tech blog and I pointed out what looks like a rookie mistake on your site that caused some embarrassment. Most of our readers (me included) are going to be inclined to be on your side. But Obama just lost my vote, because of you.


Man, the tech world is bitchier than a sorority house with synchronized menstrual cycles. With certain distinguished-looking exceptions, that is, you sexy thing.

Cool, glad his vote was based on something relevant to the office of the president of the United States. Goofy man, goofy.

With only 48 days until Scripting News stops publishing daily: I'm looking for another site to kick start my sense of outrage. Mike Arrington's collection of sites is the most likely candidate.

Does anyone else have a favorite megalomaniac to propose?

Weird thing. I was easily able to post racial comments on Mike's blog too! I guess that's how websites work that allow user input.

I'm just surprised so many people are unfamiliar with GNAA, since they're one of the biggest and best-known troll groups around.

He's a deep thinker... the vindictive, shallow little shit.

The guy's a complete libertarian. While that might not be bad (if you're a libertarian), he's not likely to support Obama.

Whatever the campaign, I wouldn't lose much sleep over what he thought one way or another.

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