News Alert Banana Losing Appeal After Brown Victory

Last night on the Drudge Retort, I honored the request of a few Republican members of the site to bring back News Alert Banana when the Massachusetts Senate race was called for Scott Brown. The Banana is the Retort's version of Matt Drudge's siren. The banana has never celebrated a dramatic Republican upset victory with so much glee before. I don't know how he lives with himself. There are a lot of reasons being batted around today for how the Democrats managed to lose a Senate election in ... (read more)

Shooting Victim Ben Teague Reviewed Alleged Killer's Book

George Zinkhan, a University of Georgia marketing professor, is suspected of shooting to death his wife Marie Bruce and two others, Ben Teague and Tom Tanner, at a gathering of the Town and Gown Players theater group in Athens, Georgia, Saturday. On Teague's web site, he wrote about receiving Zinkhan's Consumers, a textbook he wrote on marketing: Consumers by Eric Arnould, Linda Price and George Zinkhan So George and I were talking about beer and he mentioned Pilsner Urquell. I told him my ... (read more)

Web Publishers Take Gamble with Casino Ads

I wrote an article for Wired News today about efforts by the U.S. government to go after web publishers who run gambling ads. One of the biggest losers is Sporting News, the media company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. In January, the company surrendered $4.2 million in revenue to avoid prosecution for advertising gambling sites between 2000 and 2003 in its magazine, as well as on its website and syndicated radio network. Tune in Sporting News Radio today and you'll hear the other ... (read more)


Journey to the Center of the Earth

Wired News is running my story today about the center of the world: the Shamrock "K" Horse Center near Coffeyville, Kansas. Maggie Dew, the geocacher who journeyed to the center and brought back photos, has planted a cache not far from the city at a '60s landmark called Peace Point: Some friends and I had a little shop in downtown Coffeyville called the Hobbit Hole. We had a peace flag in the front window, and it wasn't long before someone decided to lob a brick through it. During the same ... (read more)