Journey to the Center of the Earth

Wired News is running my story today about the center of the world: the Shamrock "K" Horse Center near Coffeyville, Kansas.

Maggie Dew, the geocacher who journeyed to the center and brought back photos, has planted a cache not far from the city at a '60s landmark called Peace Point:

Some friends and I had a little shop in downtown Coffeyville called the Hobbit Hole. We had a peace flag in the front window, and it wasn't long before someone decided to lob a brick through it. During the same period, some of my friends put up a huge peace symbol on a tall pipe on this bluff overlooking Coffeyville. It could be seen from quite a distance, and it was written up in the Coffeyville Journal. Again, in less than a week's time, someone cut it down. A piece of that pipe still sticks out of the ground today. Take a walk out to this viewpoint overlooking the town and contemplate why, to some, the concept of peace is such a fearful and loathsome thing.

The satellite photos on Google are prompting a lot of sightseeing, as I found while obsessing over Google Maps during the preparation of the story. My favorite discovery is the Palm Beach UFO.

Google Maps Palm Beach, Florida, UFO

Palm Beach County has a large population of elderly residents, bringing its median age up to 42. I don't want to reach a definitive conclusion until the subject's covered by Coast to Coast, but the high-altitude weather balloon theory is no fun at all. I'm thinking aliens came back to fetch more cocoons and have non-contact laser-light sex with Steve Guttenburg's rib cage.


Ahh yes, google's satellite imagery is becoming the new way to waste time at work, replacing sites like hot or not!

On a side note, I read the Wired article yesterday and never looked at the author. Though I did notice your article today on Mr. Wayans. Curious, how often do you write for them, I have their RSS feed coming in on my "Waste time at work page" (right next to yours).

The Google Maps and Damon Wayans piece are my first two articles for Wired News. I'm hoping to do more.

Soooo... Geocaching is kinda like trainspotting for the technologically inclined?

At least ya get out of the house.

Be Well.

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