Escape the Walled Gardens with ZTE's Firefox Phone

On Friday, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE's eBay store will be selling the first phone in the U.S. that runs the new Firefox OS. The $80 ZTE Open will be unlocked so that customers can sign up to any carrier and use apps that run without installation. Firefox OS is an open source operating system built atop a Linux kernel. Apps are implemented with HTML5, Javascript and other open web standards, so any website designed to function as an app will work. In a mobile environment ... (read more)

Road Testing the Samsung SPH-A920

I'm writing this evening from Interstate 95 in Georgia, seven miles (and counting) from the Florida border. While we're driving, my laptop is connected to the Internet using the EVDO modem capabilities of the Samsung SPH-A920, a multimedia phone Sprint sent a bunch of bloggers for review. This phone has brought web access to a remote South Carolina campground and now the interstate highway system, leaving the bathroom as my last safe haven from total connectivity. The SPH-A920 connects to the ... (read more)