Email Templates for Dummies

An email I just received: I was just looking at your site, and I have a number of clients within our network who are looking for SAMPLE TEXT ONE. I don't work as a lead broker, referral agency or pay-per-click advertising. I'm simply looking to direct my clients to a relevant site when they're looking for SAMPLE TEXT TWO. Your site looks like it may be a good fit. I'm going to work with SAMPLE TEXT THREE today, therefore please call me as soon as possible. Update: An hour later I got another ... (read more)

RMail Feeds RSS to 20,000 Email Users

The path Randy Charles Morin is taking with RMail, a service for reading RSS feeds by e-mail, is beginning to remind me of how Joshua Schacter's hobby project,, was adopted by so many people that it mushroomed into his full-time gig and was acquired by Yahoo six months later. Users are joining RMail at such a fast clip that Morin finally realized there's commercial potential in the idea. With absolutely no Web 2.0 fanfare and a web design that's optimized for Internet Explorer ... (read more)