One of many weblogging tools you'll find here on Phillip Pearson's server is the Comment Monitor, a way to check a Radio Userland weblog for comments. I used it this morning to discover around six or seven responses that never went anywhere because I completely overlooked them. Radio servers ought to generate an RSS feed of the 15 most recently-posted comments. David Bayly has an RSS tool for Manila that does this, which I've been using for a while as a fast way to keep up with the message board for one of my sites.


What a cool idea! You could then use bloglet's RSS-to-e-mail gateway and monitor it all by e-mail.

(Or, you could use Conversant and have it all work that way automatically, but the RSS thing is a nice little hack.)

Anybody want to hack me up a comment-to-email script for PyCS? It wouldn't be that much work: start from /modules/system/ and edit /modules/system/ to post a copy to the author using the same code.

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