The RSS format has become hugely popular even though it has splintered into two forks: RSS 1.0 (an upgrade from RSS 0.90) and RSS 2.0 (an unrelated upgrade from RSS 0.93). Though some work has been done towards a reunion, it appears that this is not going well, and the talk of "RSS 3.0" from the 1.0 crowd makes it look like we'll be subjected to integer oneupsmanship. My question to software developers, RSS producers, and RSS users: Is this a problem?


I freely confess that I don't know all the nuances, but I don't see why the 1.0 people don't just pick a different acronym, like say XRSS or XSS, and go forward from there. Surely neither side wants to be confused with the other at this point; why are these three letters so hypnotic for people?

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