Dave Hyatt and Rafe Colburn are criticizing AOL for its decision to remove the pop-up killer and brand the hell out of Navigator 7.0, its upcoming browser release. Hyatt, a former Netscape programmer, feels vindicated by critical reviews of the browser like an eWeek review that calls Navigator 7.0 "intrusive" and "frustrating." It makes no sense for AOL to use Navigator 7.0 to compete with other browsers. Even if Navigator could somehow take market share back from Internet Explorer, it will always be competing with another version of itself, Mozilla. The only significant audience for Navigator 7.0 will be a captive one: People who use it in conjunction with AOL software. I can see why AOL is trying to turn that crowd into another moneymaker, using all the annoying techniques it perfected in its own client.


Well that makes the decision to avoid installing NS 7 pretty easy! Now, does another product such as pop-up-stopper from panicware still work on NS7 or are they all disabled?

I'm not sure; I'm happy with Mozilla 1.0, so I'm not going to risk screwing things up by trying Navigator.

I gave chimera a try today and was pleasantly greeted by the warning and default to "off" when asked to view a pop-up.

Disappointing that Mozilla gets bad press for the primary distributor's actions.

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