Interesting developments at Trellix and Pyra, two companies offering weblog publishing software. Trellix licensed Blogger from Pyra in April 2001 and added weblog functionality to Trellix Web Express this month. But Trellix founder Dan Bricklin says none of Blogger's existing code was used because Trellix deploys on Sun and Linux boxes and Blogger's implementation uses Active Server Pages. Now Pyra is moving Blogger to a new code base and founder Evan Williams is talking about how it works out well that Trellix isn't using Blogger code, because Pyra will be competing with Trellix customers, and it would be harder for Blogger to be "competing with our own brand." And Pyra is about to launch a new large-scale project that puts it more directly in competition with Trellix.

I'm not sure what it all means, though Bricklin certainly is magnanimous about helping save a company that could be a threat to Trellix, getting no code he ended up using in his products, using none of Blogger's trademarks, and apparently getting no cross-promotion for Trellix products on Blogger.

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