A few months ago, Salon managing editor Scott Rosenberg praised weblogs as part of a "symbiotic ecosystem" with the mainstream media. He meant it -- this evening, Salon and UserLand Software began offering Salon Blogs, a new server that hosts Radio Userland weblogs for $39.95. Rosenberg also is running his own new weblog, where he plans to promote the best of Salon's new symbiotes.

I began the Eat the Press weblog there this evening, which I'll be using to experiment with links related to politics, the media, and the like.



Did you subscribe to the Salon premium service or did you manage to just point your Radio at rcs.salon.com ?


I bought a second copy of Radio Userland for $39.95 from Salon's site, and it was automatically configured to use Salon's Radio Community Server. (A 30-day free trial also was available.)

My guess is that I could have pointed my weblog at the new RCS and it would've worked, but it's an easy way to hose your Radio Userland settings, and I don't want to go through that hassle again.

Ahh, ok. Well since I'm in save-money-mode, I won't drop the $40 quite yet. Thanks!

You can just point a copy of Radio at rcs.salon.com if you like, but make sure you install it again in a new directory - if you just use changeCommunityServer, you'll end up copying your current blog (minus templates) over there and losing your current settings.

AFAIK the license says it's OK to use it for multiple blogs as long as you keep it on one PC.

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