A line is forming for people who hate the weblog history fracas on Q Daily News.

Nick Denton: "These comments are little better than a Usenet flamewar; no one is taking responsibility for the tone of the discussion; no one owns and controls the space; we're witnessing the inevitable tragedy of the conversational commons."

Shelley Powers: "Weblogging is dead. It's been overclassified and overcompartmentalized and overcategorized and overpopularized, until it's nothing more than a mold to hold the overflowing egos of the few who call themselves weblogging's creators."


The bird by any other name will tweet as sweet. I'm tempted to make a pronouncement: "weblogging is..." -- but too many have mired down in that muck. Let me just say that all of us are developing ever more sophisticated ways to use the technology, end users like me who are perforce never "first wave," and professionals like Dave and Shelley who stretch their own imaginations and share new tools with us. These bizarro jousts at who done what first, and who pist off whom by saying whatever demonstrate the passionate commitment of the development community to keep bringing us new stuff. Thanks for that! But I feel like it is really silly to try to freeze "blogging" in lucite or amber or something. Blogging will continue to change as standards evolve and creativity opens new possibilities for communication.

When Shakespeare said "Fuck this Italianate comedy schtick, I'm gonna hang out and write a few sonnets, unburden my heart and all like that there," his public was mortified. But his voice was never stilled, and so it shall be with Shelley, of this I am sure.

Dave, I don't wish you anything but a recovery to health, but if I do start up my weblog again, please don't view it. Don't stop by. Ignore me as I'm learning to ignore you.

I find you to be an unhealthy person to be around -- and this has nothing to do with your heart or your surgery.

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