My request to join the Radio Userland developers mailing list was denied without explanation today. Though I can think of numerous places from which I should be rightfully excluded, this was a surprise.

I'm a huge Radio Userland geek, having released two format drivers, a Java OPML servlet, and other scripts. I browse old UserLand projects like the Object Database Engine for fun. I bought my first Macintosh this week (a used PowerMac 7100) solely for the purpose of puttering around the MacBird source code. I own the freaking mug. There's clearly something wrong with me where this company's products are concerned.

It goes without saying that I can start my own mailing list that's way, way better than theirs. However, if there's a reason 188 people are more qualified to discuss Radio Userland development than I am, I want to know it before I talk myself into buying Frontier.


The comments that used to be here can be found at this link. I was accidentally using the wrong comment system for my weblog, and I just switched it back to the PyCS comment database.

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