As found by Drunk and Retired, TheServerSide.Com is offering a free online PDF version of Bitter Java, Bruce Tate's best-seller on anti-patterns and other Java programming woes. Registration is required before you can download the 4.90-megabyte book.

The back cover does a better job of explaining the title than I did earlier:

"This book is a systematic account of common Java server-side mistakes, their causes, and solutions. It covers antipatterns for base Java and J2EE concepts such as servlets, JSPs, EJBs, enterprise connection models, and scalability. If you are an intermediate Java programmer, analyst, or architect eager to avoid the bitter experiences of others, this book is for you."

That's a terrific pitch, and it would be the great foundation for a Bitter series of books on other technology that inspires fear and loathing.

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