I have released a new version of my Radio Userland format driver to display Amazon best-sellers by topic in the news aggregator. The driver now displays Amazon's price for each item.

I recently bought a Nintendo GameCube, and since Amazon is doing a lot of experimentation with product prices, I figured any dramatic price drop would show up in the XML feed of GameCube best-sellers. It already spotted a deal: Amazon is selling FIFA 2002 for $19.99, $15 to $30 off its price for other GameCube games.


This is an incredible feature. I'll attempt to use it... it will replace my current feed at:
Does the feed update when it's used on a web page? (like moreover.com's ?)
or do I have to 'touch' the amazonbks.txt file (ie, change it) to get it to update...

Thank you, thank you, thank you... this is really neato

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