Radio Userland doesn't want to upstream a specific file in my /www/misc folder, as I've described on the software's official support forum. If anyone has any theories about this, please let me know. I used to think there might be a character in the file that the upstream server didn't like, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


Sorry - that's PyCS's fault, not Radio's.

PyCS shouldn't be picky about characters in the file, but it will fail if you send it very large files, as the XML deserialiser is not particularly quick.

I'm looking into this; I suspect I'm using a very slow version of the Python XML library - the pure Python one rather than the C one.

I've upgraded to the new version of Python and PyXML, which should speed up XML deserialisation quite a bit. I've tested by dumping a 200K zip file in my misc directory and it upstreamed very very quickly.

I'm running weblogNeighborhood at the moment, but it's taking ages to do all the harvesting so it'll be a while before I have test results there.

Right - test over; it's fixed ;-)

My neighborhood file upstreamed in less than half a second.



Er, Success!

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