Add my name to the list of people who don't understand how Scripting News can ignore the first release of Conversant, a sophisticated content-management tool that runs on top of Radio Userland or Frontier. Brian Carnell calls Dave Winer's silence "a bit puzzling." WinerLog, to no one's surprise, is a little more blunt than that.

I'm a relatively new participant in the UserLand developer community, but this seems like the biggest product release ever from a third-party developer building a business on UserLand products. When the cranky crowd of old (and former) Frontier developers on the Script Meridian mailing list praises Conversant for things like its ability to support a discussion site with more than 30,000 messages, it seems like a huge validation of UserLand's products as a viable platform for professional development.

Even if that's a reach -- I don't pretend to be an expert on this topic -- how is Conversant not news when some of the piddling spaghetti-code hacks I have written (such as my ViewInstantOutline servlet) rated a prominent mention on Scripting News?

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