Sam Ruby writes on his weblog about real-time weblogging -- updating your site as you listen to a speaker or participate in a conference: "Different modes work for different people. Some people prefer to focus on the speaker -- others prefer to multitask."

Personally, I loathe almost every example of real-time weblogging I have seen. Aside from the rare news event like the Seattle earthquake, there's nothing I want to know so badly that I'm willing to sort through a weblogger's rough notes just to find the occasional item that might be interesting.

A plea to webloggers who cover a live event: Take notes, take time to collect your thoughts, then update your weblog. Indiscriminately throwing stuff up on your weblog as an event happens may be fun for you and the people attending the same conference, but it's usually grim sledding for the other 99.99 percent of us.

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