UserLand ought to consider switching its Linux boxes over to Red Hat 7.1 or 7.2 and joining the Red Hat Network, the remote administration tool that makes it easy to keep all of your Linux boxes up-to-date on security patches and kernel upgrades.

I've been learning how to secure a Linux box the last few months, and it's tough -- security patches and bug fixes are coming out for Red Hat 7.1 two to four times a week. With the Red Hat Network, I can type up2date at a command line to download and install all available patches or log in to the Red Hat Network's Web site and schedule the installation remotely.

The Red Hat Network is also an opportunity for UserLand to see one of the most significant uses of XML-RPC. Red Hat uses the protocol to exchange information between its servers and subscriber boxes and says in its annual report that the Red Hat Network is "the future of Red Hat."


What, you mean they're NOT running > RH7.1?!?

AFAIK they're running a stock-standard Qube. The datasheet is here:

Can't find many hard facts in there, but I assume it's running some distro made by Sun.

I don't know what OS they're running on the Linux boxes.

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