I have temporarily taken the ViewInstantOutline servlet offline while I try to figure out why it was crashing my Tomcat Java server several times an hour with stack overflows.

Radio Userland clients have requested the URL more than 17,700 times during the month of April, which appears to be an automatic process run amok. I can't figure out why Radio Userland would be asking for this URL so often, but here's a few example log entries:

[IP ADDRESS] - - [07/Apr/2002:19:47:32 -0400] "GET /servlet/ViewInstantOutline?opmlFile= http://rcs.myelin.cjb.net/users/0000001/instantOutliner/ rogersCadenhead.opml HTTP/1.0" 200 3449 "http://radio.outliners.com/instantOutliner" "Radio UserLand/8.0.7 (MacOS)"
[IP ADDRESS] - - [07/Apr/2002:19:48:39 -0400] "GET /servlet/ViewInstantOutline?opmlFile= http://rcs.myelin.cjb.net/users/0000001/instantOutliner/ rogersCadenhead.opml HTTP/1.0" 200 3449 "http://radio.outliners.com/instantOutliner" "Radio UserLand/8.0.7 (MacOS)"

Can anyone figure this out?


The beta instant outliner was set to poll every 60s, but the default was changed to 10s when the outliner was released from beta.

Thought: RU asks for the outline, but then closes the connection after receiving the header, if the content length is the same. Might that be annoying your application?

It looks like someone's subscribed to the rendered form of your outline. People should be subscribing to the raw OPML version - http://rcs.myelin.cjb.net/users/0000001/instantOutliner/rogersCadenhead.opml - but actually they're subscribing to the one that calls your servlet.

Your outline is currently the most popular file on this server, because you plus one or two others are downloading it every 10-60 seconds. I can't imagine the hammering radio.weblogs.com must be getting from all the I/O polling, but it must be pretty shocking.

I unsubscribed to my own instant outline, so that ought to help this server a bit. Good thing my outline isn't that popular.

As for Tomcat, I would've expected it to handle a quickly closed request in stride. However, I'll poke around the innards.

I'm writing my Radio Klogging Kit for Managers as an OPML file with a link on my site using your servlet. I have a pointer to the opml in my Instant Outline. Does the polling of my i/o cascade to xref'd outlines?

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