Found a solution on Google today to a problem bedeviling my Linux server: How to convince the Red Hat Network's up2date program that I already have and on my system.

The up2date program keeps me caught up on security and bug patches, using XML-RPC to exchange data between Linux servers and the Red Hat Network mother ship. It works great most of the time -- type up2date -u and your system will catch up with any RPMs that it needs. (Kernel upgrades, too, though this feature is turned off by default.)

Since late March I've had a problem: up2date refused to update my system, claiming that a Perl package was missing two things it needs -- and -- even though both files are present on my system.

I just used the fix suggested on Google and it works. Thank you, unnamed Internet sage, for providing the kind of support I would've expected from the Red Hat Network if I didn't get my subscription for free with my new Dell.

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