Teach Yourself Java 8 in 24 Hours

Cover to Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours, 7th EditionI'm working on author review today for the Java 8 edition of my book Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours. This is the phase of the project near the finish line where I get all the chapters back as edited Word documents, review the changes recommended by editors and answer any questions they have. I also give each chapter a quick read and make sure the code compiles. (I hate it when a computer book has code that doesn't compile.)

One of the things I like about writing a 24 Hours book is that my publisher, Pearson Education, gives me license to have some fun with the material. Computer books can be as dry as Ben Stein teaching high school economics if you don't liven them up.

I ended chapter 2 with this passage:

During this hour, you got your first chance to create a Java program. You learned that to develop a Java program you need to complete these four basic steps:

1. Write the program with a text editor or a tool such as NetBeans.

2. Compile the program into a class file.

3. Tell the Java Virtual Machine to run the class.

4. Call your mother.

Along the way, you were introduced to some basic computer programming concepts such as compilers, interpreters, blocks, statements, and variables. These will become clearer to you in successive hours. As long as you got the Saluton program to work during this hour, you're ready to proceed.

(The fourth step has nothing to do with Java programming. It's just something my mother suggested I put in the book.)

The book comes out May 23. Supplies are limited to however many we print.


Call me when you get to "Teach Yourself Java 24 in 8 Hours."

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