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"Thought experiment for conservatives: You have a terrorist, really bad guy, plenty of blood on his hands. He's in your basement. There's a bomb set to go off in 24 hrs that will wipe out an American city, killing millions. Only he knows where the bomb is, and how to defuse it. The only way to get the information out of him is to get his wife heart surgery, his mom into a good retirement home, set up a college trust fund for his son and bake him delicious homemade sugar cookies. Do you do it?" -- Quinn Norton


You didn't think I would miss our 8th State of the Union Speech together did you Rogers? You could have let me finish the thread before deleting me...

What happened to us sitting together for the speech?

Shame, congress can do it, but not us.

There's no way in hell I would make sugar cookies for a terrorist, but I think I could handle the rest.

I see the idea but it's not a watertight ultimatum. Once he's told us where it is we can kill him and rescind all those other favours. We can rescind his wife's surgery by killing her.

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