Chase.Com Website Down for Hours

J.P. Morgan Chase Credit Card customers have been unable to check credit card activity online or pay credit card bills for at least 12 hours Tuesday. Currently, customers trying to log into their accounts on Chase.Com get the message, "This website is temporarily unavailable. We're working quickly to restore access, and we encourage you to log on later. Thanks for your patience."

The site offers customers access to credit card information, checking and online bill paying services. The credit card provider has 16.5 million customers who use its online banking services.

Several customers exchanged information about their experiences on Yahoo Answers. "For what it's worth, I haven't been able to get on it since yesterday. Got different messages," wrote one customer. "First, one about maintenance. Next, one about upgrading their website and now, just an apology and try again soon. Kind of scary when you can't check cc activity. They obviously have a serious problem, routine maintenance does not take that long."

A spokesman for the company contacted by ABC News said that the server outage is due to an unspecified technical problem. No estimate has been provided on when the problem will be resolved and service will be restored.


Pay compensation to all customers as that's how Chase penalizes for Customer's mistakes.
Chase Customers - Now it's time to think about their reliability. Move on to a non greedy institution.

I've been waiting for an excuse to take my biz elsewhere -- I think I've found it.

Don't they have any backup system? What is their plan "B"?

This has to a hacking incident; servers dont just get overloaded for no reason. And if you are caught in a late payment situation I expect they will waive it ...

Thanks for posting this. I was surprised I didn't see a better explanation on their website since it's been down since yesterday.

Is it just me, or does it seem like it takes three or four days for charges made on Chase credit cards to be in your account summary? And then sometimes if you're waiting for a statement over the weekend, it might get there by the following Tuesday (also might not).

I think they are running a JCL house over there...and if that's the case, don't walk - run, very fast from this company.

I don't know why I've stayed with them this long. I am in the process of going back to BOA...when I get back from the store after using one of their cards, I can already see the charge.

It's 2010, get real-time Chase dudes. Your technical face to the customer, are a complete disgrace when it comes to websites.

Whoever is CIO at that company is a total buffoon. Go with someone who is not in the late 80's...

This is the same company that sent me one piece of paper that said my CD was renewed and another stating the funds were being turned over to the Government. Now I understand their name - You have to CHASE after your own money.

It has been 24 hours since I've been able to access my accounts. How convenient - the 15th of the month and no access to on-line banking. Is this another way for Chase to add finance charges to our accounts?? I hope that Chase does not charge us late fees because we are unable to use our on-line banking, and worse yet, this does not leave a "black mark" on credit history and mortgage history.

Chase was at the head of the "Banking failure", their ex's received enormous bonusus for their ineptness, you'd think that they would have put some of that "bonus" money into an adequate back-up systems for the convenience of their customers.

I heard Cognizant resources managing the site royally messed up here and its their fault. That's what you get for outsourcing to Indians who are all L1s taking onshore jobs...what's the US's unemployemnt rate? Maybe a US worker would have cared more about the job vs an L1...

You know, these things happen. They aren't taking it lightly, I can guarantee that. As an IT professional I feel for their staff, in getting it back up and running. The shear level of pressure they are experiencing has to be insane.

All the backups, protocols and procedures in the world can't prevent every problem. I'm not saying it's okay or exscusable, but it happens.

If you have payments to make to chase, call the 800 number, or mail in the payment, or pay it at a branch.
Don't not pay the bill, you'll find if you read the terms of service, there is no service level commitment about on line banking, so you're still on the hook.

You know, these little things, like an online banking site, when they break we realize how much we depend on them. It's not hard to see why, damn convenient they are. But everything breaks once in a while.

You are oh so right "Visitor". Maybe "the both sides of the isle" will finally man-up to "where all the jobs are" - in other countries, messing up our banking systen, telecommuications system, utilities, computer support, retail customer service, manufacturing, farming, and whatever else they can think of. Bring our jobs home -(let our own people mess up the works) according to "Big Business'.

This is nonsense. Like they charge us exorbitant amounts for late fees, etc., they should be charged a late fee in the form of putting $100 in everyones checking account. Screw corporations! I'm switching banks.

You know to be n upholding bank or company they should have at the very least put in the message that the web site is down the phone number to call for payments for each service to show they at least care about the problem something a real ceo would make sure is done .That is there customer care directive "its not our problem"

Wow its down again! My friend in JPMC GTI told me they are screaming at Cognizant...short CTSH!

Well, it's 9/15 now so Chase has been down for 24+ hours.
I didn't realize it yesterday, but today I tried to pay my bills with my VISA and they all were rejected/failed. So I come to to see what the problem is....when I try to log in it says that my ID and password are wrong. Try to call to find out what might have happened to my account (now worried "Fraud") only to find the hold for calls to talk to an operator is "over 30 minutes". Ok, so I figure something big has and find it's been going on since YESTERDAY.

I left Chase once because of their crappy customer service...moved to WAMU, which was bought by CHASE a year or so ago, so being lazy I just stayed when it moved to Chase. Well, guess I'll be leaving again now because it appears things don't change. Bye bye Chase.

It was down for me both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thank goodness I switched to Ally. I hate Chase so much.

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