Not Tonight, Honey, I'm Psychologically Satisfied

A reader comment by Fabius Cunctator to an op-ed column against gay marriage:

Homosexuals do not achieve psychological satisfaction by engaging in same-sex sex. That is the reason that homosexuals are highly promiscuous compared to heterosexuals. Homosexuals can desire sex again only one or two hours after same-sex because they are not psychologically satisfied by their sex. Heterosexuals often can go for days, weeks or months before desiring sex again because they have achieved psychological satisfaction from their last physical sex act.

So heterosexual sex is so satisfying that one can go months without wanting to do it again. Homosexual sex, on the other hand, is so unsatisfying that it's desired as soon as one hour later.

He goes on to tell a married man of 20-plus years that having sex with his wife every 2-3 days is "abnormally frequent sex."

My condolences to Mrs. Cunctator.


Setting aside for a moment Mr. Cunctator's questionable expertise in the psychology of sex, I find the implication that same-sex marriage should therefore be illegal to have interesting ramifications. Let's make all psychologically unsatisfying behaviors illegal, especially the emotionally damaging act of paying taxes.

Seriously, who gives a 'fuck'?

Your concern is as unnerving as it is unnatural. If you are straight, Rogers, you don't need to carry the banner of the gay. They can do it themselves.

Hm, someone called me 'Rex' earlier today. I didn't realize that he was intending to insult my intelligence. 'The banner of the gay?' Where did Rex come from, and does he realize he's in the closet?

Anyway, Rogers, 'Fabius Cunctator'? I can't wade through the cesspool of Townhall to find out but, I'm not sure what side "Fake Fucker" would be on.

Is that what Fabius Cunctator means in Latin?

Fa·bi·an (fā'bē-ən) adj. Of or relating to the caution and avoidance of direct confrontation typical of the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus.
cunctator Noun 1. someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness) Says:
Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator (ca. 280 BC–203 BC), was a Roman politician and general, [...] His agnomen Cunctator (akin to the English noun cunctation) means "delayer" in Latin, and refers to his tactics in deploying the troops during the Second Punic War.

Hmmm.... I wonder how Fabius would know what he's talking about. Amazing how "gay sex" can be so easily, analyzed, categorized, parsed... stereotyped. I can't remember ever going back for seconds when I didn't like the food.

I'll file his comment under "B" for bull sh!t.

I used to be so psychologically dissatisfied with food that I ate every three to six hours! I was also terribly psychologically dissatisfied with sleep that I felt the need to do it every single night - sometimes I used to nap in the afternoons too! Now that I've sought counseling for my deviancy and have seen the error of my ways, I only sleep and eat once a month.

Come on man, ain't it the other way around? If things are satisfying and desirable you want to do them again and again? But, if something is undesirable, one needs to build up one's strength in order to face the ordeal once more?

Wow. You know, I've read articles from Townhall a couple of times. Never found them psychologically satisfying. So the obvious thing to do is read more until I do? (Or until my IQ lowers enough that it starts to make sense?)

The way I see it, Fabulous Cunt-hater there (sorry, was that a cheap joke? Oh, well...) has sex with his wife because he feels like that's what he's supposed to do. But deep down, he's repulsed by the whole thing.

So he puts off doing it the next time, and weeks go by, until the need to ejaculate overcomes his revulsion of women, and *bam* - lights out, twenty seconds of foreplay, in, out, in, and it's over. He's done his duty, he drifts off to a dream he can't quite remember later about being in a cage with a gorilla, and his wife rolls over and cries herself to sleep, unsatisfied.

Maybe I'm reading too much into his attitude. But figuring it plays out like that leaves me psychologically satisfied. So I'm good with it.

This man obviously has NO sex drive AT ALL. He needs to meet some of my heterosexual friends who have sex every day with a different person. Or would they really be hiding their homosexual psychology with their opposite sex partners. lol I mean really. This is the kind of stupidity that religious organizations have been spewing for years, simply because most of those folk choose to "turn off" their homosexual tendencies in hopes of getting closer to God. I guess that's why we have all of the major religious leaders who are opponents to gay rights and gay marriage being arrested and caught with obvious gay hookers or having family members getting caught in these same positions. So sad. Still can't be yourself but wish to bash those who are brave enough and man/woman enough to be who they are and be proud of ALL of who they are.

Ya mean,teh gay is like Chinese food?

Im afraid to think what this might mean for Chinese food...

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