Glenn Beck Begs Listeners Not to Throw Bombs

On his talk radio program today, Glenn Beck begged his listeners not to use guns or bombs to respond to the passage of health care reform in Congress. In a long diatribe in which he claimed that today's Democratic leaders were violent radical Marxists in the '60s, Beck said, "They need you to pick up a gun or a bomb. They need you to break the law. They need you to become them in the 1960s."

Beck claimed that the United States is "entering a very dangerous phase" by design of the Obama administration, which he said is intentionally provoking the public by passing health care and moving next to immigration reform.

"If you were in the 1960s and you were a radical and you believed in a Marxist revolution, you were crushed," he said. "And who crushed you? Well, the good God-fearing grandparents that we all had that were going to church. They stood up. ... Who crushed you? LBJ and Nixon. The Man."

Although President Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and most other Cabinet members were too young to have been part of '60s counterculture or had absolutely no ties to the radical movement, Beck maintained that today's Democratic Party is led by '60s radicals who pursued the violent overthrow of the United States.

"If I were a radical in the '60s and I was sitting back and saying OK how did we lose? We lost because we weren't in power," he said. "You must have power. It's not enough to be out on the streets. You must be Richard Nixon. You must have radicals at the top. If I again am sitting there and I'm listening to that and I think, you know what really killed us here is that Americans don't like bomb throwers. They don't like hippies. ...

"If you're going to take over, if you're going to end it, if you want to have the true fundamental transformation of America, what you do is you have to reverse the roles. You have to put yourself in the role of LBJ the Man. And you need to put the Man, you need to put the good Christian people, in your role from the 1960s. The ones with the signs and the banners in the streets because you can manipulate them like crazy -- because you know what the Man did to you that pissed you off. You know what the Man was doing to you that made you say I gotta get a bomb. And you also know that doesn't work."

Comparing the American people to a child being disciplined by its parent, Beck said, "Why do you think they are needling and poking and prodding all the time? Why do you think they slap you down on health care and just when you're getting up they punch you in the face with immigration? Why do you think they're being so divisive? ... They gave us a spanking on health care and then they punched us in the face. They want you to say daddy doesn't love me. They need you to be estranged from them."

Beck's advice: "Do not play in to their game. They hold all of the cards. Do not do anything but get on your knees. As we turn to Him He will turn to us. This is His land. Let it play out His way. Do not pick up anything except your soul. They need you to become radical."

In a Gallup poll released yesterday after the House approved health reform, more Americans supported the health reform bill than opposed it by a margin of 49 percent to 40 percent.

Beck, however, fears that the passage of Democratic legislation by a Democratic president and Democratic Congress will lead to revolution. "I'm thinking ... if there's a revolution now, it ends the way the French Revolution did, which is Napoleon, a dictator, bloodshed -- awful, awful things."


If this is an example of tamping down the flames, I don't think it is very heart-felt. Beck needs his audience to be agitated to higher and higher levels each day, and his job is to keep them whipped up into a fervor. So this is mostly lame and unconvincing to me. He wants his folks to be scared, to buy gold, to get a gun, but he doesn't want them to actually walk over the line into radical he cites the French Revolution, the anti-war protests...Weird. I think he sees himself as the new Dear Leader, paraded to the capitol like Xerxes in The 300, right after the right-wing nut jobs burn Washington D.C. to the ground and run the politicians out of town.

Hey, Beck.

Fuck you, you fucking shithead.


Crocodile tears, you horrible monster.

If you're on the level, these are the disgusting terrorists that you have incited. Reap what you've sown and kill yourself in shame.

But I fear none of this is on the level, because I'm not brain damaged. Way to go. Way to tell people with childish facetiousness that you want them to kill. You are a disgusting waste of flesh, Beck. Disgusting.

Why does this feel like: "Don't do that some more!" ?

So wait. He's telling his listeners to be like LBJ, the guy who was president when the last major package of progressive legislation was passed?

Glen Beck cares more about his bank account then his country

I'm sure that if any of the classmates
who were contemporaries of Barack (then "Barry") Obama & his Administration officials
at the button-down Ivy League universities they attended in the 1980s
heard Glenn Beck describe them as "hippies" from the "1960s,"
they'd laugh long and loud.

I can't find any bomb-throwing '60s radicals in the top levels of the Obama administration or Congress either. Obama and Rahm Emanuel were nine and 11 years old in 1970, respectively. Nancy Pelosi was 30 and living in San Francisco that year, but she was a married mother of five just getting started in politics. Hillary Clinton was only two years removed from being a Republican and still going to Wellesley.

Van Jones, the supposed '60s radical Beck quotes, was two years old in 1970. He was a '90s radical.

I guess the theory that the '90s commie radicals have become The Man wasn't as attractive to Beck, since no one has ever heard of '90s commie radicals and they are therefore less menacing.

Beck is one of the most dangerous people in America. Pure evil! He is seeding America for violence, just like Fox network. He's trying to fulfill his own prophecy by creating a dangerous phase for America. He continues to spread division like fire - YES, We are in a dangerous phase alright ... a phase where the people that were elected to do a job, are doing it, and those opposed are threatening to take down democracy to get their way.

Think about it this way: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glen Beck are NOT EDUCATED!! These people disdain higher education and their lack of it shows in these ignorant examples they are using. The fact of history is that radical left-wingers did, on occasion, become violent. The other fact of history is that most of the violence in our history has been done by radical-right wingers. Abortion clinic bombings, doomsday cults, assasinations of civil rights leaders, JFK having to send in the freakin army to stop a riot outside a school that wanted to let black children go to school with white children, hosing down blacks (among other things), instigation of unprovoked wars - shall I continue? It's right-wingers that are skinheads, right-wingers who believe you should have the right to own a missle launcher and glorify guns, right-wingers who kill gay people and hang them on fenceposts, and right-wingers who expect an apocalypse to occur soon that will wipe out all liberals and send them to eternal hell fire!!

So, yes, some left-wingers were violent BUT they were violent IN OPPOSITION to the beliefs of mainstream liberals. These people are violent IN CONGRUENCE WITH core conservative ideas. There's a huge difference there!! And yet they act surprised when those of their ilk behave like this. You have to be kidding me Glenn, this is what you people fundamentally are!! And, then, on top of all this, they have the audacity to say that THEY are the Christian people and that God is on their side!! As a liberal Christian I am ashamed that they claim this title for themselves...especially when Jesus said to love your enemies and forgive those you feel have wronged you. The selective attention and ignorance of these people never ceases to astonish me (and probably never will).

P.S. Can you imagine what would have happened if a few hundred more votes had been counted for Gore and the Supreme Court ruled in HIS favor?? It wouldn't have been the peaceful reaction of Democrats to deal with their anger privately, that's for damn sure!

If I was in charge everyone would be in bed at sundown.....sleeping!

Does anyone really give this baffoon and creedence? Beck is a prime example of the average Teabagger IQ, which is about 23. Duh.

Glen Beck is sick.

There is barely a well though out comment here.

Taking things out of context, purposefully mistaking the point someone's making, and stating opinions as facts will get you nowhere.

Most of these things boil down to basic values.
Do you want big government or smaller?
You believe that with greater FREEDOM comes greater PERSONAL responsibility, or do you feel the FED actually knows better?

Too many people make the fatal mistake of confusing liberal thinking with liberal politics.

Kill the rhetoric and start breaking down these things into fundamental values and maybe y'all will start to not sound like jabbering Baboons

"Although President Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and most other Cabinet members were too young to have been part of '60s counterculture or had absolutely no ties to the radical movement"

True but the worship at the feet of them...same difference.

Glenn, of course we won't throw bombs. That would be silly at this point. But, has anyone compared the costs of England's taxation on the colonies to the costs of Obamacare? I mean the percentage of GNP and its impact on the economy of the colonies? Well, didn't England attempt to impose its will on the people of the colonies? All I am saying is that Obama is no less a traitor to the American way than some colonialists working with England. You of all people know the real core of the Progressives. Do I think this could eventually come to actual physical internal rebellion? I do! No threats here. Just the reality of what the left is such a civil way. The civility Obama used is from the south side of Chicago. He learned it in his neighborhood organizing. Intimidation is deeply seated in his politics. I trust landslide elections will rid us of Obamacare.

You Liberals are all a bunch of FAGS!!! You make me sick with your unconditional Obama Love! Wake up you blind idiots! This communist is running our country and the ideals that it was founded on into the ground. I can't wait until November 2010 when we take back the power and undo all of your horrible left wing socialist policies! You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Glen Beck is a true American and a great man. You just hate him because he tells the truth and exposes your left wing agenda to bring this country down!

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