Homeless Man Performs Radiohead's 'Creep'

On Friday, the Opie and Anthony radio show invited several homeless men they pulled off the street into the studio to promote their annual "homeless shopping spree" bit. When they learned one of the men was a musician who had written some songs, they procured him a guitar and he performed Radiohead's "Creep."

There's more details on Daniel Mustard's appearance on Sports Inferno and Reddit.


He has a nice voice. but!! he sounds so rough... is it from alcohol? If he drinks alcohol.
He really express his feelings with these song.

I find that the Anthony Radio show should present him the guitar!!! He isn't untalented.
So he can earn just a lil bit money as street-musician, which might help him to get by.

Its terrifying that a lot of people pigeon-hole homeless people. Thats sad!

Really, really, nice job homless man!!!


Absolutely amazing performance for a man who has been through a lot of struggle and also has to deal with it all day all night. This is really sad and like #1 said I hope he can make some money with his voice on the streets to get through the cold days and nights.

Thanks, M.

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