IMDB Strikes Crude with 'Year One' Content Advisory

Jack Black in Year One

The movie reference site IMDb has a parents guide feature that's useful when determining whether a movie contains sexual content that would be inappropriate for your children. (Like most Americans I'm much more comfortable exposing the younguns to movies that contain bloodshed than any film that makes even the slightest reference to sex. I blame my Catholic upbringing and spaghetti Westerns.)

The feature is edited by users in the manner of Wikipedia and does not get editorial oversight from IMDb.

When considering whether to see Year One this weekend, I found that the users had been incredibly thorough in describing scenes that had anything to do with sex or nudity. There's so much raunchy material in the movie that the IMDb warning is 1,048 words long.

We didn't see the film.


And why was this film given a PG-13 rating? It sounds like a hard "R" to me. This movie sounds like perhaps the most disgusting movie ever made without showing genital nudity! The MPAA should be held to pay for the PG-13. As far as I'm concerned, it should be "X" rated!


It's called desensitization. After one is desensitized to
all the modern sexual protocol(sans romance or any
affection, what a nuisance), then we are psychologically
pre-disposed to anything sexual in nature. We seem to
think we are watching a cinematic performance with a
screenplay, multi-dimentsional characters, and a
DIRECTION of some kind. As long as there are no
true artisans anywhere near the work, and the liability
for mental or emotional content has been thrown out
the window, the ordeal of imagination is dispensed with.
The script and ideas have been trashed and the
substance of the movie is the delight of Dolby and

To try to be fair about the reviewing of the movie,
well that is hard to do from one light. My reviews
are amatuer from the respect that I'm doing more
of a retelling than a professional review. I am not
a journalist. I hold my own. The reviews probably
just read like they do because the movie is soft-
core porn without any misgivings about leaving
out plot andthe ghastly phantasm of a message.

There are scores, maybe hundreds of porn sites
on the internet now. If this and other movies go so far,
anyone over 18 should go headfirst into the hard-core
videos and just skip the Jack Black movie. Since
Hollywood is trying to bridge the gap between
cinema and pornography. Besides, it cannot that
HARD to describe what people are doing in
various forms of intercourse, especially when it
is all shown or described.

Wow yu guys need 2 stop because if not man yu guys r gunna regret of wat all yu did, n jus stop making movies of these n serve Jesus Christ!!!! Believe in the father, the son, and the holy spirit!!!

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