Identity Thief Sends Purchase to My Address

I'm dealing with an identity theft situation today that I can't figure out. Last night, somebody ordered $259 poker jewelry from an online store using my business address, business phone, and email address along with their name. They paid for it with a VISA card.

I've checked my credit card providers and the charge wasn't placed on my cards. It appears the identity thief has established a credit card using my business address, phone and email.

I can't figure out what the thief hoped to accomplish with this order. I've found discussions on the Internet about carding scams, where people use someone else's address when ordering something with a stolen credit card, then intercept the package the day it arrives by waiting outside for the delivery person.

That couldn't happen here. My business address is at a UPS Store. There's no way a UPS driver would give a package to someone hanging out in front of the store.

The name used to make this order has used my email address before. In October 2007, he requested two car insurance quotes, and in April 2008 he applied for assistance from a debt-relief company.

I called the online store to notify them that the order was fraudulent, and I'm checking with credit reporting agencies to see whether bogus accounts have been set up in my name. I also am changing my business address. If anyone has advice for what else I can do, or what the thief was trying to do, your help is appreciated.


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Maybe identity thieves enjoy Workbench as much as the average joe, and that one wanted to spread a little joy your way with a present?

I would say they are either collecting fee from the seller or testing samples out of a stack of cards to determine quality.

Boy we'll do anything to get attention even pick on poor identity thieves -- guess it takes a thief to recognize another one.

"I would say they are either collecting fee from the seller or testing samples out of a stack of cards to determine quality."

I agree, they may be trying many locations and seeing what works. There is no way to call the online retailer or VISA to make sure it was not purchased in a card with your name? It seems like the credit agencies might take a little while longer to research and respond because they have have less at stake.

In Law Retort of Mississippi of Section 8: Missing Alliance of Assets, pg 321. (Check because law needs updated) it is called priorita disenegea meaning the card was engaged in serial number before the press was met and given to the subject (or card holder.) To withstand disagreement and civil abuse outside the contract of the holder, (ie. Bill Klevidan 009-4646-897 Ph. 456-896-2123 as an example) just file for state bankruptcy with current protection of your assets. Withhold for 6 months to 9 weeks, for assuredity of protection and liquidity claims and meet the deadlines of nonplussing companies politely. There are too many scams which make reputable companies like Visa, Discover, and American Express take a bad rap. Always use professional advice of lawyer who is not pending on their licenses. Good examples of a reputable company that officialize in bankruptcies are Goiechea Law Offices. Take time to discern individual rights from expression of costs at last minute power buying. Thanks. Hank and Rachel A.

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