Adobe Portable Document Format 1, Rush Limbaugh 0

On the Feb. 13 broadcast of his show, Rush Limbaugh claimed that them debbil Democrats were trying to hide the facts on the stimulus bill by publishing it as a PDF file:

... they have reformatted the bill -- they've made it a PDF file when they posted it. Now, for those of you that don't use computers, basically what that means is that it cannot be keyword searched. A PDF file is essentially a picture of a page. And, so, you can read every page, but you cannot keyword search it. It's not a text file as legislation normally is as posted on these public websites. They don't want anybody knowing what's in this; they want it happening as fast as possible so nobody can know what's in it.

PDF files are searchable, as Media Matters demonstrated by searching for the word "false" in the PDF version of the bill.


And yet he's entirely right that the bill is the worst kind of payback/pandering/idiocy that not only won't work but will make matters far, far worse.

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