The Sarah Connor's Great-Grandparents Chronicles

David Friedman asks a good question:

Why does Skynet keep sending Terminators after Sarah Connor? Or even John Connor, for that matter? Why not go back a hundred years, or two hundred years, and kill her great grandparents? ...

Future John Connor would surely send a human into the past to stop the Terminator from killing his great great grandparents. So how does this person fight against a robot killer in an age when technology is so primitive, using his knowledge from the future? And how does the Terminator blend in? What materials does he use to repair himself when he's been damaged? Over time, as he gets more and more damaged, does he go from glistening machine to steampunk hodgepodge of parts?

I think there’s a lot of potential for period Terminator stories. Maybe there's an 18th Century Ireland Terminator trying to kill Johnny O'Connor before he comes to America. Or a Dark Ages Terminator who’s trying to kill Sarah the bar wench.


As I commented on the original post - See Harry Enfield's version from the mid-90's:

The further you go back to alter history, the more likely it is that you inadvertently alter the conditions that led to the creation of SkyNet in the first place.

The reason is clear, 200 years earlier, there were no phone books to look up names in.

BTW, you are the geekyist mf'ers on the face of the planet.

Yeah, what Rafe said: In The Sarah Connor Chronicles, there was an episode where a Terminator was inadvertently sent too far back, and (as terminators do) killed somebody...but it was somebody who would affect the future of Skynet, so the robot had to figure out how to cause the relevant parts of the dead guy's life to occur. Interesting premise, lame execution, but it explains why there aren't Terminators at Custer's Last Stand. Which would be totally awesome, by the way; maybe Heroes can do something like that.

Looks like you have writers block and need some serious, 'hard news', to write about Rogers.

You're welcome;

Palin Tape

Thanks, Rex! I will blog on that as soon as I determine the veracity of the video. ... done!

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