Fixing Page Not Found Errors on FeedBurner MyBrand Domains

Google has begun integrating FeedBurner, the service for publishing, tracking and promoting RSS feeds, into the rest of the Don't Be Evil Empire. As part of the move, FeedBurner users who are employing the MyBrand feature must make a change to the name service for their domain names.

MyBrand makes it possible to host your feeds on FeedBurner without losing any subscribers if you decide later to quit the service. I'm using it to host four feeds, including SportsFilter's RSS feed, on my own domains.

MyBrand domains used to point to, but they must be changed to a new subdomain of Each FeedBurner user is assigned a different subdomain. For SportsFilter, I updated it by revising one line in the BIND zone file for

feeds IN CNAME

The subdomain portion is based on your Google account.

This is supposed to be all that's required to make the move. Unfortunately, a giant honking bug in FeedBurner broke three of my four MyBrand domains this morning. Users received a 404 "Page Not Found" error when they tried to access my feeds. I found a workaround on Google's FeedBurner help site that explains how to fix the problem:

  • Log in to FeedBurner with your Google account.
  • Open the MyBrand page.
  • Remove the broken domain name and click Save.
  • Add the domain name back again and click Save.


I noticed the recovery issue with MyBrand as well. I made a short video about it, in case you're interested:

THANK YOU! All my feeds were down for days, and I was beside myself. I'm so glad I found this site!

I would like to echo the THANK YOU as well!

Thank you, this helped. But the real reason I was getting the 404 error was that I didn't realize I needed to substitute my feedname in the url:
I was trying to use "burnedfeeds" like the example in Google. Stupid, but maybe it'll help someone else. I didn't find Googles instructions very clear.

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