Campaign Ad: 'Maverick Maverick Maverick!'

The ad agency Goodby, Silverstein and Partners has created some inventive fake campaign ads for the presidential campaign. This one's good enough to be a real ad for Obama.

Two more over-the-top ads from the agency can be found on Stunningly Bad.Com.

I've thought for a while that the world needs an ad agency that specializes in creating attack ads for subjects outside of politics. Our most sarcastic voiceover actors shouldn't be put on a shelf for three out of every four years. If Madison Avenue can sell the most powerful job in the free world by employing sneering contempt for rivals, there's no reason the same technique can't be an effective way to sell things like erectile dysfunction medicine, soft drinks and public-service campaigns.


the dems have been playing the 90%+ figure to great effect. but i'd be curious to know how often mccain voted with president clinton and president george h.w. bush.

They're also quite successful with the "Franklin Raines and Obama don't know each other at all" thing, and the "shady fundraising doesn't matter," not to mention "we had nothing to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cratering."

Mikey makes up a quote, "we had nothing to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cratering."

Kraut, the putative conservative, can call you a "Republican liar", Mikey, and even though he knows you were being sarcastic.

The deduction (and have it apply to any Democrat) can be drawn because not a one of them is calling for investigations, special prosecutors, or inferring their hyperbolic 'lies'; e.g., that 'outing' was a serious enough national emergency that it needed a special prosecutor. Meanwhile, and although the nation is on the brink of a massive depression (brought on by Democrats) that they remain silent ... the cringing intellectual runaway artists of the Left!

They know that those who label themselves as Democrats are becoming the literal "stink" which I've mentioned will be attaching to that particular word, and are cowering in fear for when the majority know them for the corruption party they have been since Eisenhower warned of the 'Vast military industrial comlex, and which hand-in-glove with Democrats had been in control since WWII ended.

Indeed, I think the stink will be far worse than ever the pejorative meaning of that which "liberal socialist" has earned!

what on earth are you talking about? my post was a response to rogers, not mikey.

Just goes to show what a silly mess this whole thing is turning into. I'll just be glad when it's all over.

Oh those videos are so funny! I loved them all! I've sent links to them to several of my friends and family for them to see them too. Thanks for the post, and the links!

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