Scoring the Biden/Palin Debate

The summer before third grade, I became the oldest kid on my block to ride my bike with training wheels, a subject of increasing ridicule among my peers in Garland, Texas. My dad, attempting to solve the problem as dads are prone to do, decided the best solution was to take off the training wheels and push me down our steep driveway on my bike. Instinct would kick in. I would navigate the incline with increasing confidence, execute a deft 90 degree turn down the alley and ride through the neighborhood, removing the stain from my reputation.

Instinct did not kick in. Arms locked in terror, I was propelled straight down the driveway, across the alley and into a field, where I was separated from my bike by a utility pole's guy wire.

Sarah Palin was pushed down the driveway without training wheels Thursday night, and she did not hit a guy wire. Her performance sufficiently proved that she is not the slack-jawed bumpkin she seemed to be in the Katie Couric interview, frozen in fear at such simple questions as "What newspapers do you read?" and "What Supreme Court cases do you disagree with?" If the goal was to avoid cringe-inducing blunders and reduce calls for her removal from the ticket by right-wing critics, mission accomplished.

Photo of winning Palin Bingo card by Dan PerryBut if the goal of the vice presidential debate was to help your running mate win the presidency, Joe Biden did considerably more to meet that objective. All night long, as Palin kept steering questions back to her talking points and laying on the corn pone charm, Biden was engaged in a substantive debate at a crisis point in our history. As Palin ran down a checklist of objectives on her note cards -- ask to call him Joe, check! use "say it ain't so, Joe" attack line, check! -- Biden smiled past her dumber remarks to avoid the trap of looking like a bully and launched into a serious critique of the voting record and policy goals of John McCain, both of which are sharply out of sync with public opinion. Biden didn't even point out that Palin botched the name of the U.S. military officer in charge of Afghanistan, twice calling Army Gen. David McKiernan "McLellan." It was as if they were speaking at two different events airing in split-screen.

I think this was clearly the right approach for Biden, who can speak convincingly to the "kitchen table" concerns of the American public as a senator from a working-class background who never enriched himself in public office, unlike many other Democrats and Republicans of his generation. Palin didn't have a good answer on the economy aside from saying over and over that Democrats will raise your taxes and kill your jobs, a warning that probably works better on the Americans who still have jobs. She amusingly said at one point that "it's a toxic mess, really, on Main Street that's affecting Wall Street," a malaprop that accurately describes the Republican concern for protecting Wall Street with decades of deregulation.

There are times when charisma and pluck are enough to propel a politician into national office, and Palin has both in abundance, but I do not believe this is one of those times. Biden's a reassuring presence in this election, the quintessential steady hand who bolsters Barack Obama's claim to be ready to lead the nation. Biden conveys as strong a command of foreign policy as any Democratic politician in my lifetime.

I think one of the key points of the debate was the exchange on how to deal with the presence of Al Qaeda in Pakistan's border region with Afghanistan, an issue in which Obama's willingness to hit them with air strikes has been long ridiculed by McCain as a sign of his inexperience. McCain and Palin both continue to pursue this line of attack, even as the U.S. conducts air strikes in Pakistan.

Last night, Biden said this about the threat:

John continues to tell us that the central war in the front on terror is in Iraq. I promise you, if an attack comes in the homeland, it's going to come as our security services have said, it is going to come from Al Qaeda planning in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan. That's where they live. That's where they are. That's where it will come from. ... that's where bin Laden lives and we will go at him if we have actionable intelligence.

Palin, echoing McCain in the first debate, ignored the threat in Afghanistan and Pakistan and went back to justifying the Iraq War, our $10 billion-a-month boondoggle that overstretches our military, drains our budget and will never end in a McCain administration:

... as for who coined that central war on terror being in Iraq, it was the General Petraeus and al Qaeda, both leaders there and it's probably the only thing that they're ever going to agree on, but that it was a central war on terror is in Iraq. You don't have to believe me or John McCain on that. I would believe Petraeus and the leader of Al Qaeda.

In the first two debates, McCain and Palin have both vouched for Osama Bin Laden's judgment on where the U.S. should be directing its military response to the war on terror, giving the architect of 9/11 his props. If Bin Laden had a debate watching party at his cave, you have to think that this shout-out prompted culturally appropriate high-fives and "you the mans!"

As folksy as she is, Sarah Palin should be familiar with the expression "Br'er Fox, please don't throw me into the briar patch."

Credit: The photo of a winning Palin Bingo card was taken by Dan Perry and is available under a Creative Commons license.


I love politicians for the most part they are so twisted they probably have to "screw on their socks" or pantyhose as the case may be :)

Ain't life grand!

Typical left-wing media crap. Biden didn't remind Palin of McClellan's name because he couldn't remember it himself.

Biden showed his ineptness at virtually every subject. Especially Energy policies. Proving as to why he couldn't even win a primary election for President. THAT'S BECAUSE NO ONE WANTED HIM THEN.

But you guys will do your best to get him and Obama-nation in there won't you?

You make me sick.

Biden didn't remind Palin of McClellan's name because he couldn't remember it himself.

Biden didn't use Gen. McKiernan's name because he knew it would look like he was rubbing her nose in a mistake. You can see it in the way he began his answer with a pause before referring to "our commanding general" instead of naming him.

Throughout the night, Biden played it smart, ignoring advice from some Democrats to press Palin on her mistakes as he would've done an opponent like Mitt Romney.

Yea, the part where she was validating her stance, since its held by Osama... cringe inducing. Any ground she had gained up until that point was completely obliterated with that comment. Seriously... WTF?

And her 'darn right' line was appealing to anyone over the age of 50 with an IQ under 100. Don't talk like a dolt. Please.

I'm not sure either of them did more than get through the evening. Biden's rambling on Lebanon was downright pathetic - it was clear that he has no idea what's going on there now, and also clear that he hasn't known for a long time. See Michael Totten.

I am over 50 but I found her "darn right" appealing...she is genuine...not preachie or with a programed polish. As far as the 100 IQ I've run a multi-million, multi-national company for 27 years...and have had enough smarts to work thru the democrat road blocks and pratfalls. As a side note if the Dems succeed in raising my taxes and I am not able to pass it on to my customers I will find a way to help my employees become more productive so I am able to employee fewer and if need be lay some off. This companies profitability and ability to invest in equipmet will not suffer because the Dems do not think I pay enough in taxes.

David Clark says:

"I am able to employee fewer"

"This companies profitability" "equipmet"


What "multi-million" (huh?) "multi-national company" do you run, guy?

Thanks Rogers, you're the first person I've read who noticed the whole Bre'r Rabbit thing (besides myself). That Bin Laden wants us to fight there ought to make people think, no?

Rogers your assessment on who won the VP debate was written like the true liberal, or should I say progressive, oh let's just stick with your true belief SOCIALIST that you are. How did I conclude that you are a kool-aid drinking liberal (I mean socialist) dreaming of the day that the benevolent government will make all decisions for all Americans and we will be provided for from the cradle to the grave? You and your group of elitists in the media carry the water for Obama and Biden and rail against those mean oil companies, and Wall Street fat-cats. You demand that they can no longer make millions I mean billions of dollars by stealing from the poor little American consumer, but you never let the facts bother you because they just get in the way of your message. Describing Governor Palin as a "slack-jawed bumpkin" when featured on the Katie Couric interview is typical of your team; again don't let the facts get in your way. In your mind she is not qualified because she didn't offer a newspaper list that included the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times or some other liberal propaganda rag. Perhaps she stopped reading the newspapers when she got fed-up with the journalists inability to print the facts on any political issue. Or maybe since you and your friends in the newspaper industry refuse to dig into Obama's past or ask him a single question that requires a detailed answer on his beliefs, associations or vision for our great country maybe she, like many Americans has decided to cancel her subscription to all newspapers. Who wants to read propaganda, lies and inaccuracies everyday? I wonder if that's contributing to the decline of the newspaper industry? As for her recent interviews with Couric or Gibson never mind that after spending two days with Charlie and hours with the "perky Katie" more than ninety percent of the interviews were left on the cutting room floor ... that just doesn't matter to you or the rest of the Socialists in the media who continually run her down.

According to your appraisal "Biden was engaged in a substantive debate at a crisis point in our history" and he only could smile "about her dumber remarks". Never mind that Biden lied or was factually incorrect at least 10-12 times but I am just a bumpkin too I'm not a sophisticated professional journalist who should have caught and highlighted Biden's errors and lies. To you, facts simply don't matter! Who cares if Barry Obama continues to tell everyone that he voted against the Iraq war ... never mind that he wasn't even in the US Senate when we went to war that is simply not relevant to the press. Who cares that Biden's solution to every issue that we are faced with is "we need more money". It doesn't matter that Biden said that under Obama ninety percent of American taxpayers will get a tax brake ... how does that work, when forty five percent of this group already pay zero dollars in federal taxes each year? Oh, I forgot, those who don't pay any taxes are going to get a check from Obama in the amount of $1,000 per year whoopee! I'll bet every family of four can hardly wait for their checks. Why Obama's going to give every family $83.00 per month why, that's more than $19.00 per week, in fact that equals $2.75 per day ... not even enough to buy a Happy Meal for ONE family member. How does Obama expect to stimulate the economy by giving less than .70 cents per day for each family member in a family of four? That's how socialism works, pennies for the people. God forbid (sorry for using the GOD word, I know how you socialists feel about that) you should write about how the Democrats like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer and several others were directly related to the current financial crisis. Let's not forget the role that the media played in the crisis ... fanning the flames for their Democrat partners so that the fear of god can be firmly anchored in the minds of most Americans. Let us not forget about the Obama/Biden slogan ... Change, yes, change I think that he means that's all we will be left with once Obama/Biden get their hands on Washington and our economy ... just change, as in pennies, nickels and dimes maybe quarters too!

Roger, remember, never let the truth get in the way of your story, don't worry about the facts, don't think for yourself hopefully when Obama fully implements his plans to fully socialize our great country maybe you will get a seat at the main table; it's possible since you already have mastered the art of regurgitating the socialist talking points. Where is your intellectual curiosity? Tell us Roger, exactly when did you give up being a journalist?

I was hoping Palin would unbutton a couple of buttons on her shirt, take of her glasses, shake her hair out and tell me I'm a naughty boy for not returning those books I checked out. I'm guessing Bill Clinton looks at her and thinks "I could do some serious damage to a Serta with that girl." If I were her, I would have just taken my top off and said "If you want to see the rest, elect me."

Actually, I thought she did well. Like Obama in the last debate, she didn't have to kill, she just had to not f*ck up. She did a lot more than that, and Biden didn't do as well as he should have.

Rogers your assessment on who won the VP debate was written like the true liberal, or should I say progressive, oh let's just stick with your true belief SOCIALIST that you are.

I prefer liberal, but all three names are fine with me. One of my favorite politicians, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, is a socialist.

I have been reading plenty of blogs today and have found the general trend that right wing people use single work retorts like "socialist" or substitute something for Obama's name or use a lot of CAPS. What they don't do is present facts or supporting evidence.

The other trend is to make Sarah Palin's ability to stay afloat and avoid not appearing totally ignorant as a triumphant success. When my grand father was very old and in a wheel chair we cheered when he was able to get up from the sofa on his own. That was a triumph, but he wasn't qualified to represent the Untied States in the Olympics. There are triumphs and then are Triumphs.

Sorry Repubs buy Sarah was a triumph and Joe was a Triumph.

I prefer liberal, but all three names are fine with me...

You forgot to tell us when you gave up being a journalist and just started using the socialist party talking points? What happen to your intellectual curiosity? We really want to know. By the way if you really love Socialism there's always Cuba or perhaps China suits you better?

The first question was free, Joseph. The rest cost money.

I think all the people who would vote for folksy backwoods colloquialisms and chipper attitude over actual substance, experience and expertise should just refrain from voting and stay home. You are sending our country into the gutter!

People keep talking about Palin as a "breath of fresh air," someone who's "in tune with Joe Six Pack," and the like. (Golly gosh darn, that's a heckuva thing, y'know!)

Hello, people! We voted for Joe Six Pack (me included) in 2000 and again in 2004. How has that worked out for you?

We need a Leader, not a Follower. Palin is a follower; she couldn't lead a line of kindergardeners to the bathroom. We need someone with expertise, not a fresh pretty face (this is politics, not porn!). We need someone who can actually complete coherent sentences when not reading from a teleprompter.

And for goodness sake, didn't we learn yet that if you can't pronounce nuclear, you shoulnd't get to control such weapons!

This will be my first time reading and partcipating in a political blog. I realize now why - some of you sound just like the politicians - a lot of rhetoric with no real point.

As a woman, small business owner and mother of 2 sons, when I watched the debate I had two things on my mind - (1) What is the plan for tomorrow? (2) What is the backup plan if that plan doesn't work?

Since the 2001 elections, this county has been in a political whirlwind of lies, deceit and unfulfilled promises. I am simply tired.

We are a country that is known for taking care of others - when are we going to start taking care of our own?

Hey, Joseph

Your Dear Leader George Bush Jr just Nationalized the largest private insurance company in the country - AIG. He just Nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - so that 50% of all home mortgages in the USA are now owned by the government.

You're looking for a Socialist? Look to the leader of your own party.

She is so bewitching:

joseph, obama has never said he voted against the iraq war - he's said that he "spoke out against it."

don't lower yourself to their level by lying.

David Clark says:

"I am able to employee fewer"

"This companies profitability" "equipmet"


What "multi-million" (huh?) "multi-national company" do you run, guy?

27 should have retired 28 years ago

This is not socialism this is zietgeist
and all the world is about to have one bankrate.

Rogers responds to a correspondent, "The first question was free, Joseph. The rest cost money."

Joseph is an obviously intelligent and well educated individual, and who questions your propagandistic misrepresentations. Of course, any such interest in your 'interests' means you will have to seek the safety of your mental bolthole, where you can stick your virtual tongue out at the 'big boy' who came out to play, and protected by peeking from behind the 'window curtain' of your blinkered mind.

Now, your gang of Leftist intellectual cowards can start, and continue to mock and revile a conservative in that Leftist, Lilliputian way, and continue to demonstrate the dumbed-down intelligence of the collectivist mob by refusing any rational discussion of claims. You and they are only capable of being in the arena of debate when it is with your own ilk alone ... and the collective will inevitably do a "Georgie Porgy" when the real debators come out to play.

Is the entire RSS community made up of your type of mental faint hearts?

Matt, I think all the people who would vote for folksy backwoods colloquialisms and chipper attitude over actual substance, experience and expertise should just refrain from voting and stay home.

Wow, colloquialisms and actual substance, experience and expertise ... asking people who prefer truth and facts over hot-air, lies and deceptions not to vote. I suppose that Obama's inability to deliver a single thought without saying; A, um, a, oh, a, um before each statement is nuanced and contemplative? Why Obama is a "deep thinker" who is searching for the best words to a, um, a, oh, a, I, a, oh, um, complete is latest proposal or bit of propaganda.

Here are a few of my favorites: "I voted against the Iraq War" or "I wrote legislation demanding that the Treasury Secretary regulate Fannie and Freddie" or the actual best one is ... "I gave serious consideration to joining the military when I was younger, prior to going to college". Of course, the sycophants in the media simply nod and accept anything Obama says; probably because they cannot think straight because of the overwhelming tingling in their legs when Obama speaks or struts onto the stage. Or maybe it is because of the way he commanded that crowd of German's after their free concert in the park ... I wonder how many were there for the free music, beer and brats and how many really wanted to hear Obama run-down America? We'll never know because the press won't bother to ask Obama any questions.

Um, a, a, I, a um, a... here are the facts regarding my favorite Obamaisms Matt; Obama wasn't even in the U.S. Senate when the Iraq war vote was conducted (maybe Reverend Wright held a vote during Sunday service and Obama took a firm position against the war?) As for the writing to the Treasury Secretary demanding regulations on Fannie and Freddie ... where is it? Show us the documents Obama um, a, I, a, um, a, we would like to review his recommendations what did Obama advise the Secretary to do? Were his recommendations ever debated on the floor of the Senate? I'll bet not since Obama only spent about 143 days actually doing his job as a Senator before he decided to run for President of the United States. As for the best and my favorite whopper regarding Obama thinking about joining the military ... um, a, oh, a, I, um, a, I guess he forgot to include these thoughts in either of his two autobiographies? Maybe he was thinking about joining the military during the time that he completed his Selective Service Registration form. Therefore, I guess technically Obama told the truth ... during the four or five minutes that it took him to fill out his Selective Service Registration form he was thinking about the military.

Matt, you are correct folksy would be unbearable when we could select I guy who has a questionable background, hangs with racist folks and hates his country! Not to mention wants the most powerful job in the world with absolutely zero work experience that would benefit America. Oh, I forgot he was a community organizer. I wonder if any of the thousands of folks in the media have ever considered going back to the streets of Chicago to review how things were before, during and after Obama. I know Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country but,wouldn't it be great to see what Obama accomplished for the folks? Are fewer people living in poverty? What's the high school graduation rate in Obama's old hood? How many people are working at better jobs making more money since Obama helped?

You are correct Matt, the folks should stay home and forget about voting while the Democrats round-up the homeless, illegal aliens and as many dead people as Acorn can find just so Obama can be the President.

Thanks for clearing things up for me, I appreciate your insight.

I love how conservatives and Republicans say 'socialist', 'liberal', 'intellectual' like they're bad things. Oh, no, please don't call me a socialist! Such an insult. Intellectual? How dare you -- them's fightin' werds, hombre...sorry, I let my populism show for a moment there. Cuba? China? Communist dictatorships are hardly a liberal socialist government. Sad thing is, the friendly liberal socialist countries are all too close to the arctic circle: Sweden, Norway, etc. Frigid climes keep out the riff-raff, but it's no fun moving there.

This is a twofer one for Anno and one for Chappie:

Anno, dear leader did not nationalize AIG, it was a loan. Second Fannie and Freddie were never private companies, they were and are mismanaged by the government and liberal insiders ultimately their fingerprints are on all mortgages. They do however get their hands on some mortgages faster from the numbskulls that don't bother reading their contracts prior to signing them and accept unmanageable terms. As for Socialists sorry but that is owned lock-stock and barrel by the Democrats. Think minimum wage (and now apparently maximum wage too), just wait until they get a hold of healthcare. I can't wait to go to the doctor when I get sick under national healthcare, it be like going to the post-office during Christmas (oh, sorry I mean Holiday) time. By the time Obama is finished if god forbid ... (sorry I did it again) he is elected everyone's tax rate will be what it was during the good old Jimmy Carter days 70%. You are probably too young to remember mortgage interest rates of 14% or more but Obama will take us back to those good old days.

Chappie: this one's fore you, Obama has said he voted against the war so many times on camera it is ridiculous. He even said it in the first debate ... I know that this is not as interesting as sports but do try to pay attention to the details.

C'mon Rogers, at least pick China or Cuba.

Cuba and China are not Socialist countries; they are Communist. There's a huge difference. They're not the same political systems at all. Study up, if you're going to toss that kind of stuff around.

Astro: me thinks that you are the one in need of additional studies in the political system arena... try the Internet,it's that big machine in front of you,

Azrael says, "I love how conservatives and Republicans say 'socialist', 'liberal', 'intellectual' like they're bad things."

Too funny, Azrael, and since I just got through highlighting the fact that the Leftists intransigently refuse to apply any "intellectual" commentary in rebuttal when contradicted in their propaganda.

The term "liberal" has become a pejorative label which identifies someone who is exactly the opposite of "liberal" and believes in governmental control of society, and working to eliminate capitalism in favor of socialism.

As for the term "socialism", it is actually the Leftists who seemingly can't understand the definition:

Socialism - a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Neither can they describe what the difference is between socialism and communism:

Communism - a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.

When the actuallity is that there is none! Certainly not any difference in socialism/communism's failure throughout history! Marx considered the slow evolution of socialism in a capitalist society would eventually result in communism: the perfection of the evolution of socialism in a capitalist society.

History also demonstrates that when the public can have their representatives vote themselves more benefits -- they will DEMAND socialism so that their whines for benefits can be "payed" for, and thereby put government in charge of the economy, means of production and distribution, and rest of the economic system, top to bottom.

The really big difference that the greedy socialist/communist losers can't see for their partisan self-blindness is the one between capitalism and socialism?

No freedom for the individual under the socialist/communist system where government is the "lead", the "foreman", the "manager", the "judge", the "jury", the "ultimate decision maker" ...

You surrender your individual liberty for slavery to government ... try quitting your job and keeping your "free" health insurance in the perfect socialist society (communism).

Proof of that head-in-the-sand ignorance and virtual stupidity for partisanship?

"Cuba and China are not Socialist countries; they are Communist. There's a huge difference. They're not the same political systems at all. Study up, if you're going to toss that kind of stuff around."

No wonder the socialist, self-labeling "liberals" have such a bad being attached to those terms; meanwhile showing by their intransigent refusal to put nation before party that they are the last thing possible from being labeled "intellectual"!

However, you can prove your intellectual capacity by discussing the root causes of the economic problems facing this nation, as well as assigning blame and punishment for any corruption found in government, if done by Leftist Democratic socialist creeps; e.g., Jefferson (D-LA), Feinstein (D-CA), Dodd (D-CON) and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac's biggest receipient of campaign donations: Obama (D-IL)...

Jeez, you Republicans are so unoriginal... first you steal Obama's "Change" theme (well, you had to abandon the "Experience" ruse when you put Dressy Bessy on the ticket) and then you appropriate my screen name.

It's good to have back Weepy Tom... it really is. The way you have to pretzel yourself up to try to avoid pointing the finger at the Republicans who have held the White House for 7 years and both houses of Congress for 6... it's like watching Cirque du Soleil. Breathtakingly beautiful contortionist. Pretty as a schoolgirl on Christmas Day.

As for Rogers, I'd recommend China. They own the USA anyway - Bush Junior sold it to them over the last 8 years.

Right on, bro! You sure got tadowe a good one. I loved the pretzel image, that was so original and not like some stuffed shirt lecture on what socialism is supposed to mean. What does that moron know, him and his stupid references.

Keep up our good work, fellow Anon. We rule the blogging world for our progressive cause! Those Republicrooks should all be put in jail, there the real terrorists pretending to remove dictators but its for the oil. Then the ungratefuls sell it to China when we should get it!

Their the lying hypocrites, not us Democrats and other socialists. Yes! I'm proud to be a socialist, and I'm not greedy like that Republicrook tadowe says. We all share, and that's what!

Its the rich that need to provide more for the welfare of our nation, and so I can follow my talent to paint.

I like this Anon! BFFs forever!

This one's from both of us to Joseph:

The US Government lent AIG the $80 mil in exchange for equity in the company That means Bush used your, mine and hundreds of millions of other US taxpayers' money to own an insurance company.

Read. a. newspaper.

Matt, I would beg to differ with the following observation wherein you wrote...

# 15 | matt | 2008-10-03 04:28 PM | link

We need a Leader, not a Follower. Palin is a follower; she couldn't lead a line of kindergardeners to the bathroom. We need someone with expertise, not a fresh pretty face (this is politics, not porn!). We need someone who can actually complete coherent sentences when not reading from a teleprompter.

First of all, your comment regarding this being politics, not porn! is highly offensive to me and, no doubt, the Governor, her family, and all other decent people. Governor Palin demonstrates the epitome of decency as demonstrated by her associations, her lifestyle and close family relationships, involvement with her community, and support of her constituency 80%+ sustained ratings.

If I had to guess, it would seem your classification and stereotype for Governor Palin's character is based on leftwing, Marxist talking points; not the truth or accurate observations.

"The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it."
-- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Second, I would agree with your observations relative to her botched pronunciation of the word "nuclear", a common error among many people who just don't embrace such elevated levels of astute critical, hypocritical, self-righteous attitudes. If this is what stands in the way of choosing our next V.P. and you feel it is more important to observe accurate phonics than pay attention to character defining flaws as close associations with known, unindicted terrorists and anti-American policies as well as "hate-America-first" black, liberation theology and blatant racism, as advocated and embraced by the Democrat candidate, then go ahead and vote for Obama/Biden. This is your personal choice and prerogative.

Lastly, your comment regarding Governor Palin's leadership qualities demonstrate mind-numbing ignorance and your erroneous perception of salient facts. She enjoys a reputation for producing the fruits of unassailable superior leadership qualities as a Governor of her home state of Alaska, for which she has received numerous acknowledgments by her colleagues in government as well as the private sector and community.

"The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception; the one who lies with sincerity."

You GENTLEMEN/JOKERS must show respect for your intellectual SUPERIORS and cease in appropriating others' pseudonyms ...

I wish to DEFEAT my enemies through WISDOM, not parlour tricks!

... and in the end what does a man have but his name!!!


See Me Feel Me

Poor "Anon" so sad that he must pretend to be someone else to make his "point". What "point"?

That somehow the term "Anon" is distinctive and identifiable to that one individual who actually believes such tripe as that!

My sign in is my name, and prefaced by my two initials. It is distinctive and only here, on this remaining "cave" of a blog, can just anyone use someone else's distinctive (or otherwise) nickname to spam and troll the commentary - but not if it is a "liberal" rant! (Exceptions prove the rule)

Rogers actually likes the "Anons" to come in and spam the commentary of the rightwing, here. If he didn't allow the personal harassment(s), then it would be obvious that only conservatives reason their politics, while the progressives can only explain themselves ad hominem.

To be fair, Rogers says that he will add a secured sign in, but only if asked - I wonder how many need to ask? What an example of how to mock the term "democracy" that "vote" happens to be!

One of the rightwing Anons says, "The US Government lent AIG the $80 mil in exchange for equity in the company That means Bush used your, mine and hundreds of millions of other US taxpayers' money to own an insurance company."

You can always tell a rightwinger, because they rant about this capitalism crap all the time!

We are PROUD to be socialists, and now the PEOPLE own Big Insurance! Capitalism is dead, dead, dead from now on out ...

Now the PEOPLE will own more and more, and take the place of the evil rich who think they make the jobs! HA!


One of the Anons makes a really good point... but I don't know which one is which!

This is starting to get RIDICULOUS!


I won't take up space listing all of the mistakes made by Biden during the debate. Just Google 'Biden mistakes debate' and you can see the multiple hits. Most list around 14 of them. Thats about one every 6 minutes.

It also wasn't brought up some of Biden's more stupid past mistakes. Like being one of the few to vote against the Alaskan pipeline. Or suggesting that Iraq be divided up three ways and segragating Suni, Shiite and Kurds. Even the Iraqis said this was ludicrous. "Say it ain't so, Joe!"

The "real" Anon doesn't use words like "Republicrook" or ALL CAPS. It's pretty easy to tell them apart.

I'm the bitchiest little bitch that ever was

I'm pretty sure Anon is Anon.

WAIT - I take that back. Anon is definitely NOT Anon!!

I was made to say, The "real" Anon doesn't use words like "Republicrook" or ALL CAPS. It's pretty easy to tell them apart.

This is getting ridiculous, Rogers! Why don't you use a secure sign on here? The cost? Is it fun to have people mocked by lying about what they would say? How about me? Will my comments be mocked by using my nick?

Why do you allow this to happen, since the solution is so easy?

Can you email me first, Rogers? I want to be sure and get the distinctive nickname I always use when I correspond politically "Anon."

That way, everyone will know who I am and I can say what I please, and you will know that I am the "real", proud to be a socialist, "Anon."

I'll miss the fun I had by pretending to be them, and the giggles I had putting lies in their criminal nazi mouths, but what the heck I can lie about what they would say, even if I can't sign on as them.

We can still ruin their reputations if we just stand together as comrades in solidarity and continue to look to Europe for answers in how to achieve control of the capitalist economy for socialism's future!

Power to the People!

Victory Welfare!

Can't say I disagree with any of that.

Socialism saved us from the Great Depression, and it's gonna save us from the Bush Depression too!

The real Anon
or is it???

Anon, I hope you appreciate that I waited 20 minutes before posting as you.

Out of respect, of course.

And because that way no one would ever suspect me.

I have to brag!

A whole thread I was posting comments to on the "Drudge Retort" was removed from the site's Weblog!!!

I want to take credit for being the proximate cause of that censorship from the internet. Or, maybe it was one of Rogers' editors/staff who censored his site as his proxy?

Just checked again, and the US Will Spend $300 Million in Iraq for Positive Press thread remains censored at the Drudge Retort.

I'm your bete noire aren't I, Rogers? Or, did one of your staff make a personal decision against freedom of speech, in my case?

Weepy Tom is back... and once again complaining about the moderation policy.

It must be Sunday.

Hi, and thanks for the fast action, Rogers. I knew it had to be a staff "mistake".

Of course, the yellow-dogs over there were quick to enlighten me to the real problem: my not taking my medication.

However, as soon as I finally got through to them where the News Weblog was deficient, it was fixed speedily (about 10 minutes after my post here.)

Thanks again for your continued fairness, such as it is concerning your obvious bias in favor of Democrat propaganda and posters.

Someone says: Weepy Tom is back... and once again complaining about the moderation policy. It must be Sunday.

I agree with you, it is Sunday! What moderation policy are you talking about? Is this the moderation page?

Actually, I came to agree with Rogers that: As folksy as she is, Sarah Palin should be familiar with the expression "Br'er Fox, please don't throw me into the briar patch."

We should definitely continue to lead the impression that Palin is a racist, by mentioning "Song of the South" and the hateful image of Uncle Tom that KKK movie promoted against blacks. I'm just disappointed that Rogers didn't mention the "tar baby"! That would have demonstrated what a hate filled racist Palins is, along with the old, weak McCain (he's a racist too, trying to defeat a black man).

Anyway, keep up the good work, Rogers and the rest of you fellow Progressives.

Power to the People's Progressive Party

Sieg Heil

Oops - I just accidentally outed myself as the second Anon. (see my post as "Anon" just a few minutes after I posted as Tadowe - and in both I speak in the First Person.)

I wish there were a Un-Post button right about now!

Well, come on - what did you expect? I can't take criticism - it was the only way I had to respond to Anon.

My apologies to all.


That's all, folks.

Wow! This is reminiscent of the Caine Mutiny Courts Martial. I expect Anon is trying to do a Lt. Commander Queeg and discover the culprit responsible for the stolen 'strawberry' nickname!

Rogers certainly knows who is who, and so none of the copycat posts are hidden from discovery. Besides, if the concern was about the 'real' tadowe, it isn't any sort of problem to recognize my direct style, pompous vocabulary, and careless grammar.

All of it is a joke that you seem able to dish out, but start whining and moaning when you receive it, in return. The joke has a point, though, and that is that Rogers has some ulterior motive for not having a secure signature on this site, and misdirects his actions by specifying some level of requests that remain completely obscure ...


Did Weepy Tom just whine about Rogers again?

Of course.

Getting an early start on the week. Let's keep a running tally this week.


Oh! You mean the comment about the thread on Drudge? Not the "Anon" copying? That's the whining I meant.

As for my "whine", so what? I came to that site by surfing for "Drudge", and found a clever internet "guru" and "advisor" who appropriates other's internate names, and does that one out of partisan spite, and to provide a forum to whine about that "awful" Drudge, and Republicans!

Rogers is one of the RSS icons, and so what if the general policy is not to commandeer the nicknames or actual names of others to hold them up for gelt, or in the case of "Drudge": ridicule. Who Watches the Watchers who can get away with that? The "Sooners" did it for land, and so Rogers can do it for internet property!

I just had to find out who this person happened to be, because I actually like that sort of "Big Lie" politics, as well as finding pirates - even geeky ones are pretty interesting.

I had been corresponding to rightwing reactionary sites, because those clods have absolutely nothing to support their ideology, except bluff and bravado. I even got banned from one of their blogs on (defunct now, last i heard).

So, discovering Rogers many talents, and the Workbench, I thought that I would have a chance to find some intelligent political discussion on a site dedicated to informing the internet about Rogers RSS works, and the occasional political or social comment.

Unfortunately, I'm still looking. I can't actually find anything like intelligent commentary here, except the usual Progressive mockery and parroted propaganda; e.g., the Palin vs. Bridge "discussion".

There is one reasonable Progressive posting, here, but they are pretending to be "conservative", while every post they make is against the rightwing and, or Republican "liars". Too bad that such intelligence is wasted attacking partisan opponents when it could be used to actually support and justify the politics of the Left.

Nah! What am I thinking? There isn't any rational support for the Left's politics; e.g., wanting the USA to be disgraced in defeat by withdrawing from Iraq and turning it over to terrorism so they can lay the blame on Bush and Republican; warmongering nazi fascists; how dare they start a war when a Democrat isn't president!

So, I got restricted here for contradicting "liberal" posters, and reasoning why the adjectives I used justified their pejorative tone. Rogers did relent, though, much to his credit, and I rejoined the verbal battle, here.

However, I am still a thorn in the side of this, his personal blog, and pretty much persona non grata over at the "Drudge". Consequently, when some action appears to be taken against me, personally, I thoroughly enjoy commenting on that - my perserverence and directness the proximate cause for being reinstated to post here again, in the first place.

Rogers doesn't need me being made the subject of evrey leftwing post, he doesn't need more of that in his internet life, he's up to 'here' with me, already. He also knows that I actually enjoy being made the butt of Democrat mockery and dehumanization; he's that smart, unlike some.

Rogers made himself the subject, and by doing that gained my interest. Fortunately, I don't have to make myself the subject, because I have more than enough obsessed, Leftists jerks to do that for me.

I'm your constant subject (whine?), and I want you to keep Rogers' teeth clenched and grinding with each post to me you make, and doing just that!

Come on back now, y'all hear?

For those keep score at home...

Weepy Tom whining this week (so far): 2

Two already before noon on Monday? For Christ's sake, Tommy, remember to drink plenty of water. You're likely to suffer from dehydration or hypovolemia from all that crying.

An Anon says, "Two already before noon on Monday? For Christ's sake, Tommy, remember to drink plenty of water. You're likely to suffer from dehydration or hypovolemia from all that crying."

Not my problem, but thanks for your concern. I'm an old, spotted, bald and pot bellied curmudgeon, and your "take your medication" effort to vilify apparently matches the "old" part, however, the "whining" is more appropriate to children, right? However, you could include it in something like, "drooling, whining, old conservative to senile to even take his medication" would also be a fitting caricature, and which more accurately fits the facts (I don't take medication, yet, though). That way, you wouldn't come off sounding like a Progressive, One-Note Johnny, toot-toot-tooting the same old adjective, time-after-time.

Ironically, that lack of originality and neurotic repetition of the same thing, over-and-over again; along with the obvious obsession you all have with me personally, is a demonstration of the political idiocy partisanship causes to kink in the human brain; right and left; and which I delight in highlighting! I'm amused by the perverse in mankind. So, in that regard you are a perfect foil for my contentions vis a vis Leftists/Democrats/Progressives, et al, and a few chuckles at the wry angst wafting from the pot when I stir it, aren't unappreciated. Thanks, and ...

Touche, Monsieur Parrot de Progressif!

BTW, the site is up for sale. It has been for a couple of years now, it seems - they must want too much for it.

Even so, I'm surprised that some Green organization hasn't snapped-it-up! Come on, SierraTimes!?! Bet Al Gore would buy it with a good sales presentation, huh?

News Flash: Rightwing Site Goes Progressive "Offset" Green, head spokesperson Margery DeOleo had this to say.

"Our studies, and the studies of other's which match ours but are much more mathematical, and such, have provided a solution to the worldwide pollution by CO2. This solution is possible, because it doesn't involve any warm blooded whales and polar bears, or other creatures like that. It involves Insects, and so it is correct and proper to wipe them off the face of Mother Nature, to save her."

"TERMITES are a pest that produces the most CO2 in existence! Not only that! They produce more Methane than any other animal! NOT ONLY THAT! They produce Chloroform by eating our houses and yachts, along with Old Growth Forest, so they are truly an evil to the future of the Earth! Join Us in our fight to stop Global Warming (even if it begins to get cold)! Please, Mother Nature is depending on you to wipe this horror off the face of the Earth!"

... more at seven.

Al Gore runs a $100-million-dollar Emmy award-winning television network that's watched by 51 million viewers around the world. I'm sure he's dying to buy some dinky dotcom.

Genius idea, lady.

AAmerican says, "Genius idea, lady."

Thanks, I knew someone would understand. You provide a strong case why he could affort to buy SierraTimes - he's one of the rich. He was rich before he was rich, since he is one of the elite; born into wealth.

He could surely donate a pittance to buy a site that literally screams: "Green!", and which could work to end the menace of the world destroying termite imperialism; making huge inroads into our beloved Old Growth Forest and precious Rain Forests.

Each termite mound destroyed is an "OFFSET", and would be a perfect compliment to his present "OFFSET" business - only instead of planting trees, and selling our "OFFSETS" short (for the Future), we could end the felling of another tree by the vicious (probably rightwing) termites.

I'm working up a Power Point now, so no fair beating me to the mailbox ... teehee ...

BTW, not that I approve mind you, but the SierraTimes site was owned by a conservative black man. I know, I know, how could any black person be a conservative? However, he's a constitutional conservative, first, and a rightwing super-patriot and supporter of our troops, second ... so the money would not be wasted, and even send one of his daughters, or even a son if no daughter, to a good, progressive school.

It would be a fine demonstration of our Democrat bipartisanship to buy his site, help him in a show of comra and begin the fight against Global Warming from a more active, if paramilitarily oriented, position against 3 of the horrors of Global Warming: CO2, Methane and Chloroform pollution (except, we have to say it to be honest, the plants and algae need the (c-oh-two).

If you buy SierraTimes, we will have a Green! pro-active site which will be destroying termites off the face of Nature's beauty, in almost no time; while saving the planet from moving the tourist zone to South Carolina, and leaving Florida rotting like Cuba, Puerto Rico and Haiti - not forgetting the Dominican Republic.

Honey, JC Watts is a conservative African American. So's Alan Keyes.

here are the facts about al gore and the birth of the Internet.

All you on the know who you are...are eliteist snobs and have I doubt have worked a day in which you have honestly sweet. And if I wasn't so busy making money I would retire.

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