Game Designer Rob Heinsoo Meets Roy G. Biv

Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer on the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, began his new blog with an amazing story about how he stopped being colorblind:

Until 2006 I was colorblind. Show me a sunset and I saw shades of green. Hand me a pink shirt and I was sure it was grey. Before my first date with Lisa, my future wife, I gave her my address and described my house as the gray house on the corner. The only gray house on a corner anywhere in the neighborhood belonged to the local drug dealers, which she realized when they opened the door and called inside to see if there was a 'Rob' sprawled somewhere in the haze. Lisa said "Uh, sorry, I've got the wrong house," backed up and found me in the blue house on the corner.

On February 8, 2006, I sat at home typing Dreamblade notes on my laptop computer while Lisa went to hear a National Geographic lecture with her mom. As usual, I had Windows Media Player humming along playing music. I liked having the Alchemy visualizer twirling colors around at the side of the screen while I worked. Suddenly ...

The story makes possible this great oh snap! insult from one of Heinsoo's readers: "If you were still colorblind, you'd have an excuse for using this format for your pages. The color scheme makes me wish I were colorblind."


I have a nomination for the title of Internet Drab

[W]anton heat jet would agree, I'm sure, although his own commentary is in the running, not for color schemes, but another meaning and application of the term Drab.

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