Feelin' Glum? Cheer Up with Beech-Nut Gum

An old black-and-white hepcat commercial for Beech-Nut Gum made me curious if the gum -- available in five flavors including Chlorophyll "for the breath" -- is still being sold anywhere.

Hometown Favorites, an online store that sells 2,000 well-known old-time products that are difficult to find today in stores, claims that Beech-Nut Spearmint and Wintergreen Gum is no longer being made. Beechies are available in spearmint and peppermint.


I've notice that gum packages at the checkout counter are often Japanese, a mere 20 years behind in the American culture evoltution.

Of course, the Japanese have some flavors that are outstanding, as well as a large variety of such, from realistic apple flavor to Durian; along with the slightly rotten taste/smell that is kind of guiltily sweet.

I've lost too many back teeth to enjoy a good chew, anymore, but the novel flavors of chewing gum that are evolving from the American culture/experience delights me, as the European snobs pickle in their truffle/sherry cultural sinkhole ...

Tad, go to a dentist. Fix your teeth or get dentures, your quality of life will improve dramatically.

Serious. The VA has free dental care in every area once or twice a year.

Nothing inconsequential escapes your attention, right Rex?

I don't attempt to get freebies from the VA, like the whining Leftists who think their medical costs should be payed for life, if they do 4 years of service. They want to use up resources needed for real disabilities and the follow-up healthcare to treat service connected physical damages.

Even if some of my teeth were removed during the service, it wasn't service connected, but my own fault in failing to properly care for my teeth, or at best (QQ) bad genetics.

I wouldn't dare get free teeth and take the chance that a soldier with a service connected health problem might not receive treatment due to *cost* reductions the national security backstabbing for votes Democrats cut from the VA budget ... while they direct BILLIONS to Dianne Feinstein's husband's companies ... or give it to the nation's real heroes: welfare mothers pooping out another government check increase ... or the brave teenager socialsts lined up at abortion clinics like good little 'soldiers' ...

Can you grasp that?

Tadowe, you are a vet, you deserve the services offered to you. I'm no 'hand out' taker. A few years ago my teeth were in bad shape for poor dental work that was done while I was in the army, all the fillings that I had done were set improperly. I didn'thave any money to spend (I was in college and spending all my money on that and fixing my houses) but I knew I had to get my teeth worked on, so I got up every morning at 4 am and drove 60 miles to an adult dental clinic. I got 9 teeth fixed.

Now that I have a great job and dental insurance I got all my dental work done.

When my dad died he had 3 teeth in his head, he had all the money in the world and free dental health care through the D.O.D., he was said he was 'waiting to get them fixed when he retunred stateside', but he never made it state side.

Get your teeth fixed if you can Tad, this is out of honest concern.

I'm not being a jerk on this one.

Your 'honest' concern avoids what had to say about the situation, Rex. The teeth I've lost are my fault and responsibility, not the Army's or the VA's.

Always, *always* the socialists want you to just try one 'hit', join the mob and enjoy some benefits ... here, it's *FREE* ... everybody does it ... you deserve it ...

Say!?! If the VA refused my new teeth, maybe the Democrats (who *always* cut military funding) can use it to dehumanize a Republican? That's the ticket! Give the lying Leftist anti-patriotic trash another reason to hate fellow Americans!

Meanwhile, the chloracne from chemical warfare authorized by a Democrat congress for a Democrat president to use Agent Orange in Vietnam goes untreated by the VA ... because they can't affort it ... congress won't recognize that they poisoned hundreds of thousands of their soldiers in fighting their UNPLANNED WAR (planned okay ... planned to not win)!

I'm surprised at you, Rex. Looks like your principles need a new coat of paint.

The VA prescribes Nivea oil for my chloracne, Rex, but I have to buy the oil, myself. No disability tax break either from the miserly Democrat controlled congresses over the last 40+ years. The only time chloracne was allowed treatment was during Republican controlled congresses! The greedy civilian leadership won't even allow a measly tax break for a condition that kills, maims, and is even genetically transmitted!

Millions exposed as if it were an American Chernobyl, but only the Russians acknowledge their tragedies, while the USA ignores what it has done to the victims of their criminal negligence, and it is the Democratic party of Progressive socialists thieves that has done it.

Thieves for welfare mothers, thieves for bike paths, thieves for saving the 'poor' in New Orleans to the tune of $300,000 f'ing thousand per person ... but soldiers that were harmed with chemical agents when fighting for welfare mothers, bike paths, the poor, and freedom for the world get it up the ass with a ten foot pole of neglect ...

... otherwise, how could Progressives call them war criminals? The Democrat leadership couldn't call them murderers. The Leftist welfare gang couldn't then declare that they are nazi fascists killing innocents for oil ... Sites like this couldn't help defame our military during a time all the USA was at war, while pretending they are patriotic to do so! Well, unless they could use poor VA conditions to blame on Republicans, like the verminous, lying, cheating collective they just happen to be!

Forget VA, spend you own money and get your teeth situation handled. Yuu will live longer and have a much healthier life.

What are do you live in? I will actually look up a clinic for you.

"Forget VA, spend you own money and get your teeth situation handled. Yuu will live longer and have a much healthier life. What are do you live in? I will actually look up a clinic for you."

I am just amazed at the lengths you will go to patronize, Rex. It is certainly revealing ... shall I go into it?

If not, my advice to you is to avoid making me the subject of your commentary; unless it is a take-off, and like you are so blithely expert in providing to others. I can incise and macerate just fine with the teeth I retain.

"the Democrats (who *always* cut military funding)"

For the record, Republican Party leader McCain voted against the 21st Century GI Bill which would have provided military benefits for Iraq War vets.

Angela reasons, "For the record, Republican Party leader McCain voted against the 21st Century GI Bill which would have provided military benefits for Iraq War vets."

Thanks for replying this way, Angela, and since it is always the welcome exception to the rule, when it happens from the Left.

However, this wasn't a bill which only included VA benefits for service related disabilities and inuries, but also alowed Iraq-era vets a dramatic access to non-service related treatment.

I have to laugh, in bitter irony, because it still did NOT include the damage caused to our servicemen from chemical warfare authorized (WAR CRIME) by a Democrat Congress for a Democrat President in Vietnam!

Angel ... that alone should wake you up to the true evil of partisan politics as practiced by the Leftist Progressives ... where the they try to backstab the VA budget by allowing EXTENSIVE non-service related treatment to only some veterans, but enough to drain a budget where the only real increase over COLA was for non-service related treatment -- no actual financing for the increases proposed.

Besides, the supposed increases are *always* in ridiculous fractions over last year's COLA increases, except in this plot ... This time the COLA increase "proposal" was done to force conservatives into voting against further damaging the VA that way partisanly, and as Democrats *always* do when they are in-charge. That's history you can't dispute ... just check it for yourself!

The services and VA are only supported by conservative administrations and congresses, while liberal, leftist administrations and congresses strip the military and become miserly towards our nation's protectors; if they are military.

That's why the Democrats sneer at "patriotism" and denigrate morals and principles.

There was a bill that would have given our new veterans more benefits. Senator McCain voted against that bill. That is a fact. My son is in Baghdad right now fighting for the right for you to insult mothers like me. That is also a fact. I'll thank you to not question my patriotism again.

Angela says, "I'll thank you to not question my patriotism again."

Where did I do that, Angela? I mentioned the fact that the Democrats have been sneering at patriotism, and that's an obvious fact. They do so when anyone notices that Democrats call our troops "murderers" and "torturers". Democrats have tried to retreat from Iraq for over 4 years now, in the hopes that such a failure would reflect badly on Republicans, and the "imperialistic neo-con" Bushco.

Anyone who might mention the effort to profit in votes from forcing a defeat of the USA, is labeled as an jealous automaton(SS/nazi/fascist) and given this quote (invariably):

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
Samuel Johnson

Of course, the argument is "Psychological Projection", and since they are the Democrat anti-patriots, sowing defeat and retreat to gain votes when the USA must abandon freedom in Iraq. In the aftermath, the Republicans would then be blamed for the defeat, like some vicious subversive twist, a political Catch-22 where those who tried to win the war for the USA are the real enemy and should be convicted and jailed for "War Crimes"! They were truly, "scoundrels", the collective congratulates its two faces.

The effort to enrich Iraq era veterans with free college educations, VA medical coverage for life, and family insurance support, bonus increases and other benefits, is an attempt to make it too expensive to have a Volunteer Armed Forces, and force the increased governmental control of the public by restarting the Draft. Democrats have had that proposal for the draft in place since the UN/USA invasion of Afghanistan (another Democrat scarecrow argument, as if serving your country is some sort of evil to avoid).

On top of that, it makes Iraq veterans somehow more elite than soldiers who have come before them. I won't receive treatment for my wounds received in Vietnam for the use of chemical warfare by the USA. I never received a penny for college. I never received any bonuses or benefits for my service. Desert Storm veterans will still go begging for the possible damages that the government can continue to avoid recognizing for their service in country.

That would break the services and VA, too, having to treat all the possible results of chemical warfare, by the USA in Vietnam, and receiving undiagnosed damages in Iraq/Kuwait. However, it would also have to be an admission of WAR CRIMES, and since millions of Vietnamese are damaged, also. The Democrats could probably add the Desert Storm vetereans to the give away, since it wasn't at the hand of the USA, but then the government would be recognizing chemical warfare wounds and chloracne would surely have to be added.

Nah! That would be another admission of how cheap they are to deny real and significant damages to our troops, and who are suffering even now. Just like chloracne victims suffer; even possible genetic damages ...

So, instead of providing for old soldiers, cast off and ignored ... you tout your patriotism as a mother of a service person and seek vastly increased benefits over others who have served but will remain bereft of any help. I'm sure you're very proud to spend their patriotic efforts in putting me down, for politics. You willfully fail to understand the conservative viewpoint, so that you can misrepresent McCain's support for our troops as non-existent.

That's sure how the Democrats use "patriotism"!

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