Rogers Has Four Alma Maters

Sarah Palin switched colleges six times in six years: the University of Hawaii-Hilo (a few weeks), Hawaii Pacific University (one semester), North Idaho College (two semesters), University of Idaho (two semesters), Matanuska-Susitna College (one semester) and then back to the University of Idaho (three semesters), where she graduated in spring 1987 with a degree in journalism.

I thought I was insane for attending four colleges: Stephen F. Austin State University (one semester), Richland Junior College (one semester), University of Texas-Arlington (two semesters), and finally the University of North Texas (nine semesters), where I also graduated with a degree in journalism four years after she did.

Taking a path that circuituous through college had serious drawbacks, but I met my future wife at University of Texas-Arlington and we ended up at a great school by transferring to UNT. You have no idea how many credits you lose by switching schools so often. I earned 24 credits my first semester at Stephen F. Austin and it still took me six years to earn another 104 credits and graduate.


I went to two colleges, juco and the University of Washington. I got my MA in psychology and business in 5 1/2 years.

I bought a house when I started college (age 30), rehabbed it, and then sold it two weeks before I finished. I used the proceeds to pay most of my student loans. All while working full time and going through a seperation. (3.48 gpa cumulative, thank you, thank you)

Shows Sarah had some jumption to keep trying and going when she easily could have quit.

Yup. I wonder if she was scrambling for student loans and grants.

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