'French Connection' Chase Still Thrills

Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle in The French Connection

Reader Greg Tutunjian made the following comment in response to a New York Times item about how fight scenes in movies have become increasingly incoherent:

We go to the movies to be entertained, not to observe proper fighting technique. I think the chase (car versus train) in The French Connection would elicit yawns (and a lot of concurrent texting) from today's target audience in a movie theatre.

I recently saw that 1971 film for the first time, wanting to see how Gene Hackman earned his best actor Oscar. Tutunjian's wrong about the car-train chase, which is still an incredible piece of filmmaking that's all the more exciting because of the lack of special effects. The trivia on IMDB contains a lot of great details on the sequence, which included a real car crash. "The man whose car was hit had just left his house a few blocks from the intersection to go to work and was unaware that a car chase was being filmed," according to IMDB. "The producers later paid the bill for the repairs to his car."


"I recently saw that 1971 film for the first time, wanting to see how Gene Hackman earned his best actor Oscar."

If Hollywood were in any way an honest industry, Hackman would have earned an academy award for every role he has played in films. He is by far the most ... alpha ... actor since Barrymore, and even more so.

Not only that, but his fiction is excellent, in my opinion, too. Painting is painting and yoked to subjectiveness but with all of it a perfection in expression to someone, if just the Artist.

But, really, did you think his performance was worthy of the Academy's super-delegate votes, or was the putsch on to promote the chase movie schtick???

Or ... is that what you are alluding to?

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I don't think that was an Oscar-caliber performance by Hackman, actually. The movie's all cat-and-mouse, and it reveals very little about the cops played by Hackman and Roy Scheider. I don't think the script gave Hackman enough to play.

As for your virus woes, Rex, I've never heard of that malware. I use Norton 360 for anti-virus protection and make sure it's kept up to date.

The French Connection is an all time great. Hackman WAS the role. French Connection 2 is ok, but a big let down from the first one.

If you want to see another great early Hackman role watch 'The Scarecrow' co-starring Pacino....Great movie.

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rex - we've had great luck with p.c. doctor - nothing gets by it. trust me, people have tried...

p.s. - hate to date myself, but saw this movie at the theater in its opening days - excellent.

Wish I had read your comment before I investigated that problem. You're right -- it was SiteMeter. Thanks.

Ed Norton is another great character actor. I've never seen him perform in any role in which he wasn't perfect. I haven't seen The Hulk, but I'll bet he carries that impossible role off with excellence, as well ...

Have you seen the chase in Ronin? Also amazing.

Great porkpie hat on Hackman.

Hackman was exactly what he needed to be in that movie, pure and simple: BALLS. Chase scene under the trestle was amazing, particularly considering the level of technology then versus now. These days, the whole damn scene would be CGIed to hell and back, and Popeye Doyle would be played by Seth Rogen.

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