Rivers Cuomo of Weezer Hearts Nirvana

Weezer's new Red Album includes Heart Songs, a song that credits a bunch of musicians who inspired singer Rivers Cuomo and states that Nirvana is the reason his band got started.

The lyrics that give Nirvana's Nevermind its due:

Back in 1991
I wasn't havin' any fun
'Til my roomate said,
"Come on" and put a brand new record on

Had a baby on it
He was naked on it
Then I heard the chords
That broke the chains I had upon me

Got together with my bros
In some rehearsal studios
Then we played our first rock show
And watched the fanbase start to grow

I heart Nirvana too, but this sappy tribute song is excruciatingly bad and the roster of musicians is bizarre. Gordon Lightfoot, Debbie Gibson, Fresh Prince and Judas Priest?


Oh those lyrics are so awful they hurt just to think about them put to music!

They would have saved a lot of money by just looping the sound of a bunch of toilets flushing. It certainly couldn't have been less painful to listen to, and the symbolism would have been heavy, man.

hey, i think this is a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heart rivers cuomo!!!!! he's the best in the world.

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