Indian Teen's New Blog Crunches Numbers

Yuvi Pandian's a 17-year-old in Chennai, India, whose interests in statistics and tech have combined, in true "you got your chocolate in my peanut butter" fashion, to form Stat Bot, a blog that crunches numbers to produce graphs, pies, and other visualizations of our sad corner of the web. I discovered Pandian today when he turned up in my Meme13 feed.

When Robert Scoble sleeps, a Twitter data analysis by Yuvi PandianIn the four weeks since he began the site, Pandian has shown us how Digg headlines have changed over time, which Twitter clients are favored by Twitter obsessives, and how often TechCrunch pimps TechCrunch.

His most promising field of study has been the gluttonous online activity of Robert Scoble. Thanks to Pandian, we now know when Scoble sleeps, based on an analysis of the 10,598 Twitter messages he posted over a 523-day period:

Scoble never lets you down, especially when it comes to providing data: He's on twitter, friendfeed, flickr, qik, a blog and god-knows-how-many-other-services. I will be analysing the rest of his "Online Life", with posts about them on regular intervals, starting now with his Twitter Stream. ...

As you can see, tweeting gets going at around 7 PM and goes on till 12 AM, and slowly dies down at 1 AM. Usually sleeps from 2 AM to 7 AM, and Twittering picks up again after 9AM.

Though I'm frightened at the prospect of learning more about Scoble, it's cool that a teen in India can worm his way into the tech blogosphere through sheer love of numbers. Sometimes the world is pleasantly small.


Ah, but it's not "sheer love of numbers". It's what I call "serving the A-list". That is, there's opportunities in being unthreatening chroniclers of what A-lister's like. It's the tech equivalent of the "Style" reporters who write for the rich, about where's the best restaurants and who is "hot".

I mean, "when Scoble sleeps"? Granted, it's a legit question :-). But can you get more personality-driven and navel-gazing than that?

Even if all of that were true, it's still an inventive new blog. I'll agree with you that Yuvi should expand his horizons beyond the tiny bubble of techblogging, but he's got plenty of time for that.

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