When Animals Attack

As I spend the day being pecked by journalists, an aggressive and territorial species, Primate Brow Flash reminds me that it could be much worse:

The past two mornings, the same goose has attacked me as I ride by, yesterday attacking me from the side and beating his wings against me, this morning sneaking up silently from behind and crashing into my helmet. I always scream like a chimp when it happens.

When an animal gets this aggressive, my first thought is that it is going to wear itself out and die. Animals, especially in early spring, don’t have all this excess energy to spend against perceived threats."

I was startled once by an opossum in my trash can. After I ran out of my driveway screaming "mommy help me!" a neighbor told me it was more afraid of me than I was of it.


Many years ago I shared an elevator with a strange little IT man who said something marvelously descriptive about a possum (and himself). The elevator doors opened, and he trotted out, looked around, puzzled, and managed to slip back into the elevator before the doors closed again. Wrong floor, obviously. His explanation: "I'm like a possum in a trash can. Lift the lid and I run out."

You should have seen me cowering in a bathtub in my underwear as a small rat ran around my bathroom floor on Thanksgiving morning. This from a guy who's killed like a jillion of them to feed his burmese pythons over the years. Pretty sad ...

Stop making up excuses for a mistake that was made. We all know if all those people over there were white, you would have not waisted any time coming up with a solution. Most of the People in Gretna would have came together as a community and help, if all the people were white.

Granted, Gretna didn't have any room for the number of people who were trying to escape, but the United States is a free country. A free country. Regardless of the outcome, we as a people are suppose to find solutions to helping one another, regardless of the color of our skin. When is slavery ever going to end?

Those people were looking for survival. Six days with no place to sleep,eat or use a toilet. Babies, old people, children. People who were tyring to survive. Gretna community tryed to prevent African American survival. Where is the justice in that?

Lets see how Gretna is going to respond when a disaster hits there community, and it will eventually. whats even worse, the people in Gretna had the nerves to post signs out on there lawn, thanking the Sheriff and the mayor. What kind of community is that. Where is the justice in this?

I hope that Gretna now feel safe with there guilty concious. The Lord want bless them for what they did, and I hope that they can sleep at night. This will go throughout history, how society still yet after all these years, pictures black as being bad, and white as being good. Wake up people................

Rather appropriate, don't you think? You wander about in the race debate and sprinkle it liberally with fuel and don't expect blow back? Read you own websites more often if any of this is a surprise.

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